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40 jays, 10 40's

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Visions, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. That's what me and a couple of friends plan to be doing on Friday. Now I know some blades would frown upon wasting weed, but this opportunity only comes once in a blue moon and I want to get fucked up. Pray for my health lol.
  2. Good Luck sir, sounds like an interesting night!
  3. eh, 10 40's between a few friends isn't bad you'll get pretty drunk have fun
  4. Wow dude that's a lot of weed!! You should have 40 Bong Bowls!!
  5. *20 Blunts 10 40's
  6. I agree with kNew, load 40 bowls in a bong. You'll get way more high that way and it won't waste weed like j's do while they're burning.
  7. I rarely drink, like 10 months was the last time I drank. So i'm going to be really fucked up lol. :hello:
  8. Yea you will then, just drinking one will get you buzzing then 1 or 2 more will get you smashed depending on your tolerance.
  9. Isn't that a song?
  10. might as well smoke a couple jays and drink the 40's. Your gonna be more wasted off the brew then the weed. Then smoke a few jays the next day for the hangover. Whats with getting 40's? most taste like shit, might as well get a good bottle of liquor if your buying 10-40's.

    Just my 2 cents tho..
  11. Its my birthday on Friday, maybe i'll come join you...
  12. i highly recommend you get some of these 40's to accompany your marijuana high

  13. Idk Lol. I just think that'd be better.
  14. 20 joints 10 blunts would be best
  15. [quote name='"DAVlD"']20 joints 10 blunts would be best[/quote]

    I agree
  16. Fuck 10 40s! I have drank like 6 in a day and I was fucked! How much is this gonna cost! Lol goodluck though
  17. Sounds fun man. I'd personally get some vodka or rum over 40's. I always drink before smoking, never drank without smoking afterwards. Helps with nausea.

    I'm really not that into drinking...hate hangovers(save some bud for the morning) I've never not smoked after drinking. Idk what its like to just be drunk...always end up twisted.
  18. I hate getting twisted. I always black out and have mystery dirt stains on my clothes and cuts sometimes when I wake up.
  19. Have fun! Make sure you double smoke lots of em. Nothing better than going walrus mode on a few j
  20. I'll keep note of that lol.

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