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$40 Half Eighth.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Maui_Waui, May 20, 2010.

  1. So I haven't bought from my connect in a while, and yesterday I hit him up for a half eighth. He tells me it's 40 dollars cause it's really dank (Sour Red Diesel). He buys from a dispensary and stated that was the price. Naturally, I was a little insulted. I go over to his pad to check out the sack, but on the bottle it was written $40 1/2, 1/8. So not knowing the real prices in dispensaries (assuming potency determined price as my connect implied) since I don't have a green card, I bought it. Hell, the most I've ever payed for half an eighth was 30, and that was some bomb shit. Now, no doubt this is high quality weed and I'm finishing it up atm, but is $40 how high 1/16th's can get in dispensaries? Or should I switch to an alternate dealer?
  2. Some dispensaries definitely rape for the more wanted strains like anything purple and frosted.

    I remember buying a 8th for a friend which was just under $80 with tax, so I don't think you got totally fucked.. but in all honesty for weed that is a insane price, start growing, man.
  3. from my understanding 70 an 8th is the most weed dispensaries charge. So it could have been legit but prolly not.
  4. switch guy's for sure..

    hell for all you know he's writing prices on the side of little bottles naw mean? Shit it says cali on your page, and with your state in general being greaaaat for hooks. that price is way outta the ballpark for sanity.
  5. on a side note. I love your sig. im blazin before class and just zonin out watchin dude roll n spark that blunt hahaha
  6. Don't buy from him, he's ripping you off.

    1.7 for $40? Do the math.
  7. Yes, I would suggest switching dealers. I have never been anywhere in the US(been to almost every state) where that price would be justifiable.

    Edit: Damn, and I just noticed you're in cali. That's definitely too much $..
  8. #8 Maui_Waui, May 20, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 20, 2010
    Lol aw, yeah, I did too. But the orderly just told me to take it down. No animated images/combination of images and text. Nice guy though.

    If I wasn't doing the math, I wouldn't have posted.

    But yeah, thanks for the input people. I'm gonna go back to 30 dollar double grams for sure.
  9. ive paid $50 in nyc. it was dankkkkk tho
  10. wow you got ripped off bad.
  11. Wow thats pretty bad man cuz you should not be paying more than $30 for a half eight hin all honesty
  12. Well, was it at least super dank?
  13. i will never, in my lifetime, pay more than 60 dollers for an 8th. if i do that bag of weed better blow me, do my dishes, and clean my fucking house

  14. Haha I am with you on that one. Guys have told me 65 and I flat out say to them "hell no". I once had a guy with "Chronic" who said 70 an eighth. I just laughed at him. Dank should never cost that much in Massachusetts. 50 an eighth is the most logical and if you have to charge more than that then you shouldn't be dealing with such a shitty connect.
  15. Dispensaries will up the price to something incredibly ridiculous, no 1.7 grams of weed is worth $40. Period.
  16. I wish everyone on here lived by me. Id hook it up. This makes me sad.
  17. Shit just plain doesnt cost 20 dollars for a gram of weed. Anything over that is just absurd.
  18. Me too :(. Worst prices here in NJ. $20 for .8 grams.. .9 or 1.0 if youre lucky.
  19. All im gonna say is god damn thats fucking outrageous.

  20. where do you live in jersey?

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