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40 G's Vaped bud + Bacardi 151 = tincture?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Randy Marsh, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. If I leave it in the bottle for 3 months would it make a successful tincture?
  2. Whats the worst that could happen?? ;)
  3. I don't see why not. But it's vaped bud, which has very little THC left, so I'm not sure what you're expecting to get out of this.
  4. Im hoping for a decent tincture. I no vaped bud doesn't have much thc but its over 40 g's now so idn. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it stonger please let me know.
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    You'll be fine, with approximately 25 shots per fifth, thats about 1.6 grams of your material per shot. Unless you vape your stuff hard (IE DARK BROWN OR BLACK) then you should have a decent buzz.

    I used 20 grams of vaped herb in about 12 cookies recently and it was pretty strong (not quite how i like but the effects were grasping) and thats about the same at 1.6 per unit.

    If you want to be sure its really strong, do it up then leave it with the lid off for a few days and some alcohol will evaporate leaving whats left more potent. Be sure to shake it up good as there will be thc residue on the sides of the bottle where the alcohol evaporated off. You want to be sure to get that back into the mix.

    Also instead of waiting you can do the whole thing in a large uncapped or loosely capped mason and put that in boiling water. This way you can do the whole thing in less then a day.

  6. Not true at all.
  7. Yes, you can make an alcohol based tincture out of could even do it in less time, if you use a crock pot, however, you'll lose some liquid.

    I make tinctures with glycerin myself, I don't drink and I find that alcohol based tinctures are disgusting tasting, ESPECIALLY those made with 151 (yes, I've had some before).

    You can make a glycerin based tincture with that much material in a day - use enough glycerin to cover the material in a crockpot, mix it together on high for about 10 minutes, then turn it to low and let it sit overnight, stirring occasionally. In the morning strain out the material and you've got a tincture.
  8. Yes you will most certainly get a buzz!! You can do alot of things with that vaped medication.. Take a nice microscope and take a peek at a small piece of your nug, notice how the trichomes have a stem and a head? Now vape that same piece and take it back to the scope.. If done right, and not a too high temp then you will see the stems of the trichomes still there but the heads are not anymore.. I look at it like this, the stem is the body and the head is the head and it has that effect.. You vape it and get the head high, and then you eat it and get the body high... When it is smoked with a lighter you are not getting all the medicinal qualities of the marijuana, like the pain killing effects, the sleepyness, etc, etc..

    I use my vaped duff in empty vita-caps... I pack about .3 to .4 or as much as it can hold, and eat 2 of those before bed, or with any pain, and they work AMAZINGLY!

    I am all for the glycerin tinctures however.. Alcohol just seems to beat the purpose of being medicinal as it kills so many damn people a year..... But yes it will work great.


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