40 for tonight

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Ebinezer02:4, May 20, 2006.

  1. im not in the rite frame of mind to do this corectly, so i dont want no crap, but tell me, what is the best 40 i can buy?
  2. Idk what exactly your askin, but this is the humour forum, it aint too funny.:/

    you mean a 40 of malt liqour?
  3. yes. what other kind of 40 is there? i told, i aint totally sober, so it would be 100% correct. ( reffering to humor forum and what exactly a 40 is)
  4. Well, in FL for some stupid reason they only sell quarts. Lol so down here we rock the 32's:rolleyes: I always got OE, but they have alot of others. Budweiser, Bud Light, Mickeys, Colt 45 Id go with a name brand beer cause they taste better.
  5. how can a person survive without 40s? thats just plain cruel. call peta asap!
  6. thats wierd, i never knew that haha. let me guess and they sell them for the same price a 40 would go for..

    if your going cheap get some mickeys if not budwieser, colt 45 is not to bad
  7. for some reason, whenever someone buys a 40 around here it is ALWAYS OE or Miller Lite.....always
  8. get steel reserve. taste like shit nut fucks you up.
  9. Exactly.

    Steel Reserve 211 High Gravity Malt Liqour Lager. 8.1% alcohol abv. Fuckin pound it, Gets you tore up. Drink two and your plastered.

    Or get the camo xxXxx.
  10. the man speaks the truth, the 211 will destroy.

    but dude you want good ole blackout fun? two bottles of irish rose with a boonesfarm chaser.

    that shit was nuts, we'd down those each and head to the soccer games. i fuckin miss high school sometimes.
  11. ^Man, You wanna get fucked on gheto wines.

    Stick with M/D 20/20 and Wild Irish Rose.

    Dont need the boones farm, It aient ghetto wine. Though i like the fuzzy navels. But i can drink like 3-4 bottles without a buzz.
  12. nah dude cuz i after i catch a alcohol buzz i always cheif with a boones farm. its koolaid that has a wee buzz. it tastes better than most soft drinks too.
  13. Yeah, Boones Farm is jus for the taste, No buzz, You need a bunch ona empty stomache to get a buzz, I like the fuzzy navels they taste good. I drink them and only them from boones farm. I get the fifthsd i think they is 4 for $5. So mad cheap.

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