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40 for an 8th too much

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tdub420, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. im not really sure how good the bud is but i have a feeling that paying 40 dollars for 3.5 g is too much
  2. if its mids its a bad price

    if its beasters its average

    if its headies its a dam good deal
  3. thanks
    much appreciated
  4. it's a decent price for decent quality weed
  5. Its a pretty good deal if your talking about beasters if its mids then you are not getting a good deal and shouldnt get it.
  6. right, do you know if you're getting mids or dank/dro?

    around here its 50 an eigth for some nice dro. but 40 for an eight of dank is a hell of a deal, so if your dealer or whoever just told you an eigth for 40, you MIGHT be getting jipped, because 3.5 grams of some mids would be like 15-20 dollars, not 40. i dont know, i guess you'll find out? post back with some updates
  7. If you've never tried this bud before, try and buy just a gram instead of 1/8th first.
  8. its a good price, depending on where u are, but still good.
  9. sounds good to me
    buy that shit, son
  10. What does the bud look like? Is it light green? Covered in Orange/red hairs? Does it have a good amount of crystals?
  11. i guess it all depends on where you live. i definitely wouldn't mind paying those prices for some dank or even some high mids, but if you're getting lower grade shit, it seems right (or maybe a little above average)

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