40 day tolerance break starting... NOW!

Discussion in 'General' started by BuffalosoldieRx, May 29, 2009.

  1. Well, i guess i just needed to take a break. I have been smoking every day without a break for 5 months, give or take. My cough is getting worse, and i have been not noticing my high really... My first bong rip is in 40 days from now. Last time i took a tolerance break it was totally worth it :smoking:

    So, wish me luck grasscity! Im gonna need it :wave:
  2. 40 days is a lot more than you nead unless you smoke like an 1/8 a day, i would just stop until your cough gets better, but whatever works man, i get to smoke in 5 days after months of being sober:D:D:D. ya i know its not relevant im just excited. lol
  3. it also has something to do with probation drug testing :p
  4. ive been on probation for like 3 months and i get off in 23 days i cant wait i got a bong a vape and 6 pipes waitin for me and all summer of useing them
  5. may the force be with you during your journey
  6. i had to stop last week while on vacation for 6 days and when i got back my tolerance went down quite a bit, 40 days will be like your first time all over again! luck!
  7. That blows, man. I just ended a 20 day t-break the other day, holy fuck, that was well worth the wait.
  8. i get off probation in 334 days. Oh will it be amazing :D

    I was able to smoke earlier in my probation because i could easily cheat. But something happened on the last test that has never happened before so my PO will be in the bathroom with me on my next test on monday.
  9. uve only been smoking every day for 5 months. U dont need a 40 day break unless u really want to. Im sure even a week and ull be good. but good luck man:smoking::smoking:
  10. its more then my tolerance, there are plenty of personal things as well. my probation is hardcore, my PO's a dick. Life sucks right now. I don't want to quit smoking, but i guess we gotta do what we gotta do.
  11. I'm currently on a long tbreak myself, but thats because I moved home and can't find a dealer. Good luck with yours.

  12. did you read it? A t-break is a nice way to look at it, but he doesnt really have a choice. He stops for probation or he goes to jail, lol. i hear you cant smoke in jail, so staying clean for a while is definitely worth it.

    Good luck, but its all about will power.
  13. good luck :hello:
    just do something else you find enjoyable whenever you feel like you wanna smoke, keeps your mind busy

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