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40 bucks a gram for hash. Yay or Nay?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by EASYlivin, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I've never bought hash or smoked hash before. I have been smoking weed for almost 3 years now. It's 40 bucks a gram a good deal for hash??? He said all you need is 0.3 grams to get high off it.

    What do you other blades think? :confused:
  2. No that's a pretty bad deal, i'd try to get a gram for 20-25 bucks

    so you're saying you want to get high only 3 times for 40 bucks???

  3. Well I never see hash around here so I would only try buy it one time. I push alot so it would be like a treat for me.
  4. Yah that's harsh man, I'd tell him fuck that, ask him how much hes getting, and how much hes paying.
  5. they probley bought it for 30 a g and are just flippn it. never tried hash but I like to compress my kief. Thats like hash, right?

  6. yeah. Honestly I would be pissed if it was just compressed kief. Im expecting a brown matter like chocolate but harder. Kief is 100% thc, same with hash.:hello:
  7. Same my friend. I got a QP for $650 Canadian of course, and I've only got like six grams under half of it left.. I'll post pics. :smoke: It goes quickly, believe me. :)

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  8. That's how much our QPs for BUD go for! That's one HELL of a deal!!
  9. make your own man.

    EZ mode.
  10. Thats a horrible deal. 20 bucks a gram is more like it.At least where I live.
  11. In my town, a gram of hash is 10$. Bubble hash goes for 25-30$ an eigth (About the same price as bud)
    It seems to me that people are buying hash more and more often, and the price of it is going down in my area :confused:

    A friend of mine bought 5 grams of really good hash for 25$ last friday.

    The most expensive product I have ever seen here, was green crack hash oil. It was 50$ a gram, but hot damn.
    I had a buddy who blew through an Oz and a half every week (on average, he was moving weight so he could afford it..) and one gram of this stuff, lasted LONGER then an ounce.
    He kept it in the freezer cause otherwise it would melt rofl.. But 1 ball the size of a pinhead, and you'll be chillin on the couch for a few hours :hello:

  12. hash is not 100% thc thats a myth... not trying to start a fight or srgument just saying its not 100%...

    40 a g.... no, hustle him to 30
  13. 30$ MAX for a gram of hash, unless you cannot spell your name after you use it. Which probably will never happen.
  14. Depends on your location man.
    I'd pay 40 a G for the bubble hash I have, and I know alot of people who would too.
  15. 40 bucks is horrible... make friends yo.
  16. fuck that, 40 bucks is way too much, we get a gram for 15 (not great but still)

    user that 40 to buy some weed and make your own. although i dont know if you would get a gram of hash from that.
    still though, .3 of hash to get high is a lot

  17. Thanks guys. im gonna try to bring his price down to 30 a gram. if he doesnt wanna then FUCK IT. Who cares. I got an oz of headies anyways :p
  18. i coulda bought a whole ounce of hash for 250... 40 a gram is fucking out there dude
  19. if youre loaded go for it but id never pay that. 25 tops.
  20. its 15 bucks in canada ontario a gram

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