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$40 a half ounce

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CyclicDreams, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Chronic here is $50 an 1/8, so I'm loving these prices. It's not chronic, but I love being able to smoke weed like it's tobacco :smoking:


  2. Where's the $40 half ounce?
  3. Weigh that. I don't think its a half oz. Unless its really dense.
  4. insane prices. where u at cali?
  5. Lmao here chronic is 30 an 1/8, and its always really damn bomb. Where is this $40 half ounce your talking about?

  6. It's not all pictured

    I'm the one that weighed it up though, there was 14 grams.
  7. Its funny I just got a qtr last weak of shit that looks almost exactly like that, does it have very few seeds and is kinda dense? Its like the best mids ive seen in years.

  8. He didn't say the half ounce was dank...
  9. at least its green
  10. I probably would've went quality over quantity, but that's just me. I can get good quality buds here for a good price, though.
  11. hmm 40 coulda got you 2 grams, but if you like to smoke weed like tobacco then its all good for you right? its looks like some boarder line smokeable mids ide smoke it not gonna lie. i too sometimes like smoking weed like tobacco. honestly though ide never pay for that
  12. Exactly, it's not dank. I could get some great strains here, but I love tokin' on some decent mids at a good price. I'm a college student and work...what's better than being able to smoke out with as many bowls as you want yet keep it within budget ? :smoke:
  13. Psssshhhh ain't got no quality though
  14. 40 a half your either growing it yourself or your smoking some schwag. At least with my connections I wouldn't ever dream of 40 a half for anything but schwag.
  15. $40 for schwag sounds about right, I can spend $40 and get an eighth weighed out to the gram of some chronic, $80 for a quarter.
  16. Really, that's the only two options you're going to give?
  17. i get mids for 50 a half O
  18. For $40 I'd say you got a deal. Looks like very high mids.
  19. [quote name='"moonman840"']at least its green[/quote]


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