$40,000 Grow Op Bust

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  1. Today our town's weekly paper reported on the front page of a "$40,000" grow op bust.

    After reading the article I noticed that they stated first that he had 40 plants, so that is where the $40,000 tag came from, however on further reading it ended up that there were 20 mature plants (with pictures) of which the colas were relatively small and 20 baby clones waiting to get planted after harvest.

    So from this I can deduce that the law will nail you for $1000 per plant, regardless of the size of the plant.

    It is funny to think that there would likely be any way for these individuals to have ever made more than $250 per adult, and the law rounds that up all the way to $1000.
  2. Even if he was selling, most people aren't gonna get 1,000$ street-level worth per/ plant let alone selling to the dealer's dealer's . . .
  3. yea they always rediculously overestimate how much a bust is "worth" to make it seem like theyre doing a good job
  4. Images attached from article.

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  5. No info on how he was caught?
    Lol long shot, but to avoid this happening to me ^^
  6. all over a plant !
  7. Lol!

    Did you see the serious look on that cops face?
    They actually bother to mention that in the local paper, a mere $40K for a mere 40 plants?
    Just a recreational grower I'd say.

    Just two weeks ago, some grower got busted over here in the Netherworld...uhhhm...lands...with 44000 clones.
    Seems like we're living on two different worlds.

    F**K globalisation!
  8. He's TOUCHING IT? the moron, doesnt he know if you don't handle mariJUHana with gas masks and radiation suits, the deadly THC will infect you, and make resadent evil look like kiddie play?
  9. lol:D i was thinking the same thing! :D

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