4 x crop king white widow LED grow

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  1. Currently on day 8 since the seeds broke soil..my last grow had to come down landlords were selling the building. Growing in coco and feeding a small amount of calmag and root excelurator gold. Currently sitting 22" under 36 x 3w white led and 48 x 3w blue. Temp is 77 daytime and 69 lights off. RH between 40-50%. So I plan on vegging with led and switching to a gavita 600/750 DE for flower. For some reason my seedling's are purple in the middle even on the leaves..if anyone has any idea why this is happening your input would be appreciated. I started in jiffy pots but I read that they do not biode grade fast enough causing them to get root bound so after day 2 or 3 I pulled them out of jiffy pots which ripped the roots a little bit. Since then they started going purple but I see roots growing out of the bottom of the 4"x4" pot and I'm getting new growth.
  2. Here's a pic of one of the purpling babies.

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