4 x 600w HPS cooling

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  1. Our room has 4 x 600w HPS Chrome-domes and it gets a bit too hot without any cooling on the lights. We're thinking of switching to 6" enclosed reflectors with standard 600w hps. Can I cool the 4 lights with a single 6" exhaust and fan?

    thanks oh ganja gurus...:)
  2. Not enough data...depends on the size of the growing area, but then again you can always stick another 6" exhaust in.

  3. room is 8x8x8. 16 sites in soil. GH nutes.

    love and light
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    to change the air once every minute in the whole room you need about a 500 cfm fan and a 6" does about 400 cfm i believe, give or take a bit.. like vostok said, you could try it and hit up another 6" if it doesn't work well enough for you.. or go with an 8". are you using a carbon filter or a lot of ducting? this will lower your numbers as well..

  5. Yes there's a carbon filter on the exhaust. Sounds like we need to bump up to 8" and get the air moving. Thanks!


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