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4 weeks smoke free today, chest still hurts

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TyLaw, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. 4 weeks smoke free today, chest still hurts. i already got my heart checked out, and it's fine, it feels like my chest muscles or something, my back muscles between my shoulder blades and my chest near where i think my heart or left lung would be are sore when i take a really deep breath. any tips to get over this? i want to get back to smoking soon (much less than before, maybe a few bowls in one or two nights a week, instead of smoking a lot every day like before). i'm pretty sure it's just strained chest muscles but i don't know what exactly it is, or how to get over the soreness. thanks.
  2. rofl. marijuana is obviously NOT your problem.
  3. Try using a vaporiser. Don't use the whip, just use the bag then you can inhale as little or as much as you want out of it, It's a lot easier on the chest and lungs.

  4. If his chest is hurting, I'd go straight to edibles. I wouldn't wanna mess with putting materials in my lungs. :D
  5. Did you get your muscles scanned for tears?

    I know it can feel like that if you have a muscle tear, if you have a herniated disc in your spine, or if your muscle is getting pinched by your ribs.

  6. why do you say that? i smoked a lot for a year and a half and i'm pretty sure it caught up to me. shortness of breath sometimes. i feel a little better last few days but it comes and goes.
  7. how do i post a thread on this forum? thanks in advance
  8. a new thread
  9. click new thread, in the forum you want to put your thread
  10. I worked it out thanks. I found out what the problem was. Im way too wasted lol. I need a nap.
  11. Smoking can't be good for your lungs.

  12. More than likely it has nothing to do with marijuana. I would get an X-ray, Mri, Ultra Sound, Blood work. Sounds serious go to a doctor. Have you got hurt recently? Fallen? Maybe your ribs? posture? could be a disease/problem. Could be something minor.

    I'd add more but theres too much :smoking:
  13. Billions of people smoke and it generally never catches up to anybody until an old age after decades of abuse. There are exceptions though.
  14. You would be able to feel a difference between a lung (any organ really) and a muscle/joint problem.

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