4 Weeks Old G-13 Problemos -Pros Only-

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BobMarley...., Jul 21, 2007.

  1. For starters this is my 3rd attempt at this specific grow. I have two grows under my belt and it seems the more expensive stuff you buy such as ionizers, humidifiers, ect, the grow gets more complicated. These g-13 plants are about 6 inches tall and have new yellowing coming in. For three weeks they were given ONLY Liquid Karma and Hygrozyme. Two days ago I introduced them to 2tsp each of foxfarm Grow Big. The ppms in the buckets are at 550 even and these things just dont seem to be eating anything. There has been no substantial growth in the past two days and Im worried. The new leaves that came in have began to yellow and seems like the growth may have even been stunted. Im using a 400 watt hps light throughout the whole grow and Im still pondered by this. My last three grows went terrible also they died after 3 weeks and they had the same problems. PLEASE HELP ME PROS ONLY.

  2. what's the tempurature in your grow space at the top of your plant? and how far from the top is the hps??

    we'll figure it out.

    also what is the ph of your water?
  3. Thanks for the response! The PH is at 5.8-6.0 and my light is approx two feet above my plant.
  4. The temp in my hut is between 74-80 degrees and my humidity is at 50%
  5. I think you underestimated your nute measurements.
    That plant's really small, looks as if to be burned.
  6. My bro is gnna be gone for 4 days and he told me to man the grow. Im totally fking this up guys please help.
  7. hmmm. everything should be in order for this plant to thrive.

    i suggest flushing the little girl discard your nute solution. also, i'd just forget about the liquid karma for a while. it could be that you have a micronutrient toxicity. (supplemental/micro-nutrients are in liquid karma)

    here, this is a quote from the latest "maximum yield magazine" and i don't know for sure but this could be what's happening to your plant:

    if i were you, i would flush the medium immediately, discard your nutrient solution, feed her only water for a day, and then start w/ 600ppm or so of the fox farm grow nutrients, WITHOUT liquid karma for a while.

    at this stage in the plant's life there's no reason she shouldn't feed without deficiencies at 600ppm, so i wouldn't just suggest raising the ppm alone.

    again, forget about the liquid karma for a time. it can be easy to overfeed with supplemental nutrients, so later on (when your plant is healthy! :smoke:) if you decide to put some back in, use it SPARINGLY. they are called "micro"-nutrients for a reason.

    i hope this works/helps. good luck!
  8. You have no idea how much that helps me. I should flush with ph water and would it be ok for me to put a little hygrozyme in there? I just put a little cal mag in each bucket idk how much that wouldve helped... this has been a constant thing and noone has ever had the intelligence to mention the karma. I noticed that the tips of the roots they were somewhat brown with like a slimy substance. but the rest other than that inch are solid all white and healthy. I am going to do what you said tonight our tommorow. Would the 12 hours make a difference? Thanks alot
  9. I imagine it would also be ok to put a little hydroguard in there also?
  10. i'd say that's fine. but during the "water only" day i'd just used good ol' distilled water and nothing else. the idea is to start your feeding regimen w/ a clean CLEAN slate.

    with that said, definitely use it when you put nutes back in. i dont think that stuff should be the cause of any problem (just make sure you measure it correctly for the amount of water you have in the res tank-- even measure it little shy to be sure -- generally not quite enough is better than too much)

    i hope this will tell your plant to stop being so sad!
  11. if you have to wait 12 it's fine. just do it the next chance you can do it.

    and i have to amend my hydroguard answer. so you're using both hydrozyme AND hydroguard? i really dont know much about either. i know what they do but i mean i've never used them, personally. so from my experience i would say just use clean plan water for that 1 day. the human tendency is to want to treat the plant with some kind of solution (solution, meaning - more than just water) but let the water clean her up and give her a breath of fresh air (water? :smoking: ) for that day ...

    anyway, also, she probably will start to wilt during that day. don't be tempted to put nutes in there because after the wilting bit (which may or may not happen at all) she should perk back up within a day (thank you, hydroponics!). in soil, the entire process (much like everything else) would take a bit longer!
  12. maybe a magnesium problem, (def), or other trace elements
  13. mag def looks like this

    BobMarley.....'s girl just looks like it's locked up for whatever reason.
  14. I flushed my whole plants and all the hydrotron and stuff. I flushed it with hygrozyme and hydroguard and R.O. water. [My bro told me to always use the two no matter what the case] There are no base nutrients in the bucket nor liquid karma [Thanks to ^^^^^] I should see some serious changes in far as root growth and vegetative growth...ill take pics tommorow.

    ppm 225.5
    Humidity 45%
    Temp 75
    Week 4

  15. hmmm ppm should be 0 or close to it. if the hydroguard/zyme etc is adding to the PPM that's ok but 225ppm of just the hydroguard/zyme seems like way too much.
  16. My water out of the faucet is 225.0 I know its terrible filtering here. The hygrozyme and hydroguard dont add any ppms.
  17. My plants were fully flushed for one day then I gave them 1/4 strength of Foxfarm Grow. The ppms are at 300 is that too low for week four? They dont look any different from the first picture but the roots look very white just seem to be stunted. My ph rarely fluctuates and im starting to believe that my 20 dollar fan that pulls the air out just is not enough. I need like a cool tube our somthing. I think the hydrohut is just to isolated and theres not enough incoming air [at least in my case with this 4inch flange fan] This has happened to me three times now and my grow progress has been stunted for about two months. But up to speed

    PPM. 300
    Ph. 5.8
    Temp. 75
    Humidity 45%
    Light 400 Watt Hps
    Week 4
  18. Hi Bob Marley

    thats an iron def, your first posted PH was 6.0....thats a borderline where iron gets locked out in hydro
    your last posted PH is 5.8....optimum range is 5.5-5.8 try lowering your PH 5.6
    check your nutes for trace elements (iron, Fe )

    to test me if im correct you can spray rusty water on some leaves :D

    edit: good problem, fairly rare, I needed another pic for the library

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