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4 weeks into this huge T-break.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheNamezAustin, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. 4 weeks since I started my huge break from cannabis. First DT should be coming up in the next week or so.

    Any way, post you best high experience that you had within the last 4 weeks.

    I'd share a sober one, but I really cant seem to remember one, I only remember the times when I smoked haha.
  2. Ate a weed cookie and went to NYC for the day, ended up at this brunch thought nothing of it then...mind=blown. Hit 3pm, lights went down, DJ started spinning, strippers started dancing, curtains closed and the place erupted. Goose, patron, jack poured down our throats by the dancing girls fuckin wild man lol. Apparently was a day club and didn't know that. Was so high and drunk passed out at 8pm, woke up at 12am then went out again til 4am, smoked a blunt then passed out.
    One of the most fun nights I've ever had.
  3. Probably the first 7-9 days of my European trip last September 2010. Flew into Berlin and went straight to Amsterdam. Then got enough weed to last me through Belgium, Paris, Switzerland (Luzern), and Budapest. I ran out in Budapest which wasn't too bad because we were going to Munich for Oktoberfest and drank all day. Then it was off to Vienna and Salzburg, then Prague, and then back up to Berlin for me to fly out.


    You're gonna love smoking for the first time after the DT. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that but it's gonna be a great high, so have some good tunes or a movie or something ready! :smoke::smoke:
  4. Last night.

    I sent myself a text reminding me it was a good night
  5. went to this party after a 5 month t-break because of football/wrestling. His parents dont care if he smokes. he smoked a j with his dad. Well we get there and grind up a 1/8th. and i start taking fat bong rips. needless to say i got fawked up. we had like a unlimited supply of food/drinks. also he had a hookah. we just chilled, and played foosball and got fucked up all night. best night ever.

  6. Nope, My moms gunna continue to DT me until I move out. She has a no tolerance of Marijuana. Sad but true. She even watched The Union with me, still in denial. Gonna finish off my senior year of high school. Then I can hopefully get a temp job before college and save up for a place.

  7. I feel you so much man, the purgatory of needing your own place to pursue your interests is such an ordeal
  8. why'd you quote me?
  9. I feel you man. Im under a mandatory T break right now. Not because of my parents, but because im a full time student right now.
  10. i went through a 4month break because of probation. It sucks but eventually you just kinda get use to it, i got to the point where i could probably have quit completely, but fuck that. Two weeks ago i smoked and chilled with a friend, played some fear 2. It wasnt anything special but it was a nice way to start again
  11. related to marijuana: i went to school high on weed laces with pcp. when it first hit me, i didnt know what i was doing/where i was(i was in my room). i sat down in class and luckily nobody talked to me(students are not allowed to talk and the english teacher is weird so sometimes she will talk to me for 15 mins, sometimes she wont say anything). i literally saw shit move that day. i smoked before i showered and the whole time i was like: i cant go to school like this. luckily, the pcp effect stopped soon and i became used to the high. i was still blazed as fuck at 2nd period. i listened to music in the hallways and i moved to the beat. one song literally made me feel invincible. the first 10 mins of my high were scary, the rest was amazing.

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