4+ Weeks Into Flower

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  1. I have been trying to post an update for a while. Two of the pics are the ice strain. I'm pretty happy with their development, and the smell......on the other other hand I have one random free seed plant left. It stretched like crazy, but the bud development is really slow. View attachment 1211580 View attachment 1211585 View attachment 1211589

  2. nice ice.....ice ice baby
  3. The Ice strain has really lived up it's description. Thick buds loaded with tricomes. I'm also germinating the last of my Ice seeds. I'm going to take some clones from this batch.
  4. Ice ice baby!
  5. damn looking dank. the color looks almost mystical. lol
  6. So where did my pictures go? They were there several hours ago. I don't know if anyone else can see them, but I had a question about trimming the fan leaves. I've read about both ends of the spectrum; no trimming at all versus defoliating. I can certainly see the value of getting light to the lower buds, but I have a bunch of CFL's at mid plant plus the T5 HO on top. I've trimmed some leaves, but I'm not really sure about taking all the big ones off. Opinions?
  7. I'm going to re-post these pictures. It ticks me off that they just disappeared so I'm going to try again. 2013-05-19 09.31.17.jpg 2013-05-19 09.29.50.jpg 2013-05-19 09.30.40.jpg

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