4 weeks into flower

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  1. 4 weeks into flower blue widow dwc using bud igniter bud x and AN connoisseur a&b . How does it look to u Guy and how much do u think I will yeild just a guess




  2. Not sure about yield, but you're overnuting a lil bit. Cut back on em
  3. Hey blades, this a pic of my Uncle. Can you tell me how tall he is and how much he weighs? Also, what will his next job be and does he have any mental illness?


  4. I'm not asking for a exact number just a guess
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    5'9; 211; next job at Springfield Elementary and Boy Scouts of America Cub master; pedophile.

  6. He weights 250 is about six foot one he works in it or will and when he walks he puts weight on the outer left side of his foot which is why he's easy to track. Lol
  7. For real though. How big is the pot it's in. What strain how much light? Not that it's easy to guess but with that info itd be easier.
    Under a six hps in a five gal bucket mine pull a qp per plant. A little more
  8. Its a 400 Watt hps 4 gal dwc AN connoisseur a&b bud igniter and bud x
  9. Pics from today blue widow







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