4 weeks into flower question..

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  1. Im 4 weeks today with 8 plants scrog just wondering should i thin out more as u see its petty dense on top with alot of tops i counted well over a 100 plus just below alot more what u guys think also is dwc

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  2. Some strains deal with pruning during flower better than others. Some strains don't like it at all and will do weird things and make seeds. I can't imagine all the tying down you're having to do with all those plants, but they sure are looking good. Are you sure you have enough light to flower off that many and cover that whole space. They'll double and even triple in size in flower as they continue to grow and light is the key to big fat buds. Great job so far for sure!! TWW
  3. Well its my first time ever and strain is death bubba im using 2 600 watt lights in a 8x4 tent and they are cool tube lights witch sit about 16 inchs from plants im going to raise a bit to spread coverage..im just going to let them finish as it..its crazy the amount of tops on plants prety happy and thank you

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