4 weeks into flower *PICS*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Xball89, May 29, 2006.

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    this plant was originally found growing in an apratment complex. it was transplanted into my closet. not sure what strain, probably bagseed.
    its under a double tube flouro and 3 more CFLs. its on bloom booster nutes about 2 times a week. some fan leaves were trimmed before the pic was taken but i'm worried about trimming over stressing it?
    i'm trying to get a 250 watt metal halide ( getting it used for 50$ hopefully)

    any tips you can give would be appreciated.
  2. well, it really needs a lot more light, but a metal halide isn't the right spectrum for flowering. should try to get a high pressure sodium light if you can... and also, expect flowering to go for atleast 12 weeks, maybe more, because it looks like that plant is very much on the sativa side and they take longer to flower. this is because must sativas come from areas where there is very little change in the amount of light it gets throughout the year... places near the equator.. where it is basically "summer" all year long. so, sativas are not as responsive to light schedules as indicas are. they tend to keep growing while they are flowering for a while.
  3. MH will work just fine for flowering.... You need to make sure its picth black and stays dark when your lights are off or it will take longer to flower....
  4. Yes, MH will work for budding. Seems it gives them 'tighter' buds.
  5. think your doing something wrong if thats 4 weeks (just about 1/2 way thru flowering).

    looks more like week 1

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