4 Weeks Into First Grow

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  1. Just curious if there are any obvious improvements I could make from the pictures I've attached. As I said this is my first grow. I switched them to 12/12 a few days ago to go ahead and initiate Flowering.


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  2. What strain is it?They look to small for flowering.:smoking:

  3. looks like u should add some more lights
  4. They are some bag seed.
    But ya I have 4 more 27 watt CFLs I was thinking I should add em in.
  5. you should have added them in 4 weeks ago.

  6. theres alot you can do bro.. this is my first grow as well and ive got alot of help from checking out alot of the forum and as well from members, so im no pro just learning as well.

    whats kind of soil?
    check the ph of the soil, water u give plant and run off.. should keep be between 6.3-6.8
    get more lighting!!!
    what nutes (if any) and dosage are u using??
    good ventilation.. what are your temps??

    your plants look a lil small for 4 wks. as u can c in my jornal i have bag seed growing and they are alot fuller than yours. mine are about 5 or 6 wks now and i am now on day 2 of flowering.. check it out for a comparison.

    i just monitor my ph, temps and soil moisture..and lite sched.
    i feed every2-3days. no nutes until today i gave them their first shots of ff blloom nutes.
    i only didnt use nutes during veg bcuz the ff nutes lower the waters ph and i couldnt fix it. i got ph up and added that... problem solved so now i give it juice!!!

    well i hope this helped a lil. if i can b of help drop a line...

    check out my grow
  7. lower the light next time too
  8. Ok today I added in the 4 other cfls I have. I'm thinking they would be bigger if I had used them from the start.

    I have a PH meter that also measures Nutrients. It's measuring on the low end so I'm guessing it's time for some nutes but I'm not sure what to use.
    I'm using Scotts premium garden soil.

    Also, should I switch back to 18/6 and let them grow some more before I flower?
    My PH read 6.9-7.0 last time I checked, gonna check again in a second but should I try to bring it down ?

    Thanks a lot.
  9. I dont do soil. So I dunno about most of your problems. But I can tell you that you dont want to go back to 18/6 at this point, and 7.0 is high I think for pH for soil.

    Add as many lights as you can keep cool. Get some 2700 kelvin in there all around them.

  10. It looks like they have a lot of stretching. you should add more lights and make sure they are closer to the plant to reduce stretching :)
  11. Man get some lights on those little sluts.
  12. Ya I got a lot more light now and my grandma showed me a trick to make em grow out instead of up. She said pinch off the little sprout at the very top of the plant.
  13. not trying to be a dick but u have aaaaaaaaloot of research to do bro!!! look at the guides and shit in here they are very helpful. if u read them u will avoid these problems u have now.. good luck tho.. thats along time to waste, i hope u can get em bouncin bak.. but i believe if u just get the basic knowledge u can get on here and apply it to your grow u should be able to get something cuz u still have two months more at least to go!!
  14. Need more lights.

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