4 weeks in flower

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am a begginer and this is my first grow. I've done a lot of reasearch on this site and learned a lot so far. I am currently in the 4th week of flowering my girls and I'm not seeing any buds forming yet. Not sure what is going on. Any suggestions? Pics attached grow details below.

    Started with 2 clones from dispensary.
    1 sour diesel
    1 blue dream
    2X3 Tent setup in garage.
    90 watt led 7 band light
    DWC setup each plant in own 3.5 gallon bucket with their own bubbler

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  2. You need to post pics taken in normal human friendly white light .
    No one can tell the colors of your plant with LED light . Make sense ?
    How many hours of DARKNESS do they get per day ?
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  3. But the LED makes it look pretty... duh.....
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  4. Sorry guys, normal light pics below.

    IMG_3765.JPG IMG_3767.JPG IMG_3768.JPG IMG_3769.JPG
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  5. 12 hours of light, 12 off
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  6. 12 hours of complete darkness ? must be uninterrupted darkness (no light for 12 hours straight) no light leaking in during the dark time ?
    are you sure your timer is working ? is the switch set to outlet or timer ?
    they look like they started to flower and went back into veg and are stuck between this happens because the darkness is getting interrupted , the timer isn't working proper , or perhaps the light isn't powerful enough to induce flowering
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  7. I'll check for light leaks and I'll check my timer. Thank you.
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  8. Timer is fine, I had not 1 but 2 small light leaks. All fixed up. Thank you Dickie Fickle. Do you think the plants will still produce? I will keep you updated.
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  9. They will still produce but they seem to be fairly behind?
    Im at day 25 of flowering ( 3 weeks and a half)

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  10. They will go back to flowering , but
    You need to add more light to improve your yield and potency
    check out LEDs on ebay and no I don't work for them lol
    Mars 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Hydro Veg Flower Indoor Plant Lamp 140W | eBay
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  11. I purchased the light you suggested above, really good price on it. It came today and I installed it, you were correct. Huge difference, much more light now. Thanks again Dickie Fickel.
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  12. IMG_4106.JPG IMG_4108.JPG IMG_4106.JPG Thanks for your help earlier, but I need some
    advice again. I am now in my 10 week of flower since the above situation. I've been using the new stronger led light since then as well. My buds are next to nonexistent, and the pistils are starting to turn color. Any advice? Is it do to the issues I had before, or is something else wrong?

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