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  1. I have 4 plants but two are about 10'' and the other two are about 5''. They were all started from seeds. I want to TOP atleast one plant what should I do in this type of situation? Or should i just veg them all for a week or two more?
    First grow. Any advice welcomed thanks!

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  2. get more light.
  3. I have a CFL setup 200 watts right now 18/6 the bigger ones were started first then came the other two. I wanna flower them all together. Could I top both big ones?
  4. you could but if they have more than one internode (which they do) you will get lots of side branching. and four plants under 200W of cfl's two being topped is not going to produce much due to lac of lighting. @ 4 weeks you stalks should be alot thicker. When you say you have 200W of cfl's what exactly do you have?
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    I have 6 bulbs 6500k for veg cfls 42 watts each roughly 200? Not equivalent! 42 actual watts 200 equivalent. They have about 8 or so internodes. Temperature is fine humidtiy is good, good reflection and light everywhere! The stalks are stong they wont budge. Have fan running on them. And have suction fan also. I have 2700k cfl for flowering. Actual watts 400. When should i flower them? Or can i now?
    I dont want to grow any trees. I just want some decent little bushes with a good yeild.
  6. sounds like your lighting is good, your stalks look a little thin. If you want a bushy effect topping them would do that. Normally when topping you are trying to build two main stalks in your case it will build two main stalks and lots of side branching. as for switching to flowering. they on average grow 3X in height. You say that you have 200W in veg and 400W in flower. Just a tip for the future the more light you give them in veg the better they will do in flowering.
  7. If you want to grow stronger plants with dense buds use hid systems 400w or more. I tried with cfl for a while. Much happier after the switch.
  8. This is my first indoor grow alone im not planning on getting the most yeild or the bombest densest bud im just testing the waters for now. Ive had more outdoor grow than anything. Plants look similar and I never had a problem with those got way more than a pound from each. I wanna keep these short, so should i top then ASAP?
  9. These were my first grow. I never added any nutrients of any kind. Had those seeds for over 7 years pnly collected the bombest seeds from all the shit i smoked in the days. The only thing was i potted them in miracle grow and let them do there thing.

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    Good light keeps plants from stretching. Take some advice, see what you get. might just be decent product. Check out my grow if you need proof

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  11. Nice. Im just going CFL now do to low budget but i have all the plants as close to the lights as possible. Could i through in maybe a 100 watt hid in there too?
  12. To be honest, small hid lights are very inefficient and grow weak plants. Better than cfl due to penetration but still not adequate. 600w gives you the most output for the draw and will let you grow in up to a 4x4.
  13. I grow 4 plants under my 600. Might be able to fit 6 indicas.
  14. From reading all these replys, it really seem like people discriminate CFL's quite heavily right? But what this guy said is absolutely true. Seriously.

    But in all honesty here, you're just wasting our time. If you think you're so right about how you did a grow w/o fertilizers and it turned out fine and how you are gonna use cheap fucking CFL's and say it's close in wattage as HID's; so it's almost as effective and all that then go ahead. But these people have done that like you did, then evolved into better things and then they mastered it completely. But do you realize what you are asking? You are asking some of the most basic questions, 101 of cannabis cultivating if you will; and people give you great advice and you're like "na that's not true, I do what i want."

    People say: In order to accomplish *THIS* on *A*, you should consider *B* first.

    YOU SAY: I don't care about B, so can I just do it or not?

    MY ANSWER: You can start off a seedling from 12/12 photo period if you want, YOU CAN TOP any plant at any stage if you want.


    BUT YOU'RE REALLY SAYING IS: NO, my cheaply made ghetto setup will be fine, regardless of what you say, I'm keeping what I got and I don't care what you say.

    So I'm like WTF??

    Truth is, certain strain takes topping better than others and certain strains really fuck it up if you do that.

    Are you one of those people that takes on a new hobby or w/e and then do everything half ass and then quit half way too? CFL's, MG soils, No Nutes.

    I see that you're off to a great start. Good luck.

    I know I'm coming off as an asshole right now, but if you are serious about this and want to do it the right way by taking our advice, then feel free to send me a PM anytime. I'll be more than happy to help you.



    PS: Don't be a bitch and start getting all EMO about this. This isn't a trolling discussion. Our intention is to only help you and set you on the right path, and I DID answer your questions.
  15. Lol well said! Saved me a tangent.
  16. But if not you are welcome to come to Colorado to buy amendment 64 jars.
  17. Spend the money and take the advice it will pay for itself.
  18. So everything is about more lighting right?
  19. Light, temps/circulation, water quality, and nutrients in the right levels.
  20. And genetics. Cant polish a turd and expect diamonds.

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