4 week sidecar auto showing white tips

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  1. High I’m a new grower and have some questions?
    Grow tent - AC Infinity 2x4 complete setup with 69 controller and all the extras
    One earthbox with 2 autos growing good
    Fox farm for soil
    Both seeds sprouted at the same time but one plant is twice the size of the other? Seeds came from twenty420
    I topped dress using build a soils top dressing at 3weeks
    The girls are 4weeks today 12/31/22 already starting to show signs of flowering and today I noticed white tips on the bigger plant just few new leaves . My lights 2000w ion led are at 50% and 20 inches from top of canopy temp 75ish rh 55ish what would I be doing wrong or if anything??? Thanks for and feed back from newbie’s and old
  2. often brown tips are an indication your Rh% is too low
    try to get and maintain 60+%Rh for veg and 50% for late flower, or just hang a towel,

    also an indication of approaching nute burn, this be the more likely
    as Im always advising growers to add 30% perlite to any FFOF grow

    good luck
  3. Pix really help. Without them is just guessing

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  5. Thanks for feedback as you can see the sizes differences and there yellowish tips not brown my have to zoom in on picture
  6. They look fine. Begining of tip burn. A lil heavy on the N. Just water for a few feeds, chill on the top dressing
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  7. Thanks
  8. How do you adjust your lights when you have an uneven canopy?
  9. Usually if you don't move your light, leave it high enough period and on max power if your watts per square foot are proper. Then the distance helps young plants not get to much light and they tend to stretch into proper position.
  10. How long have you been growing indoors and you have experience with auto flowers
  11. And your suggestion is to raise the light all the wall up and turn it to 100%? Lol sorry all the way up
  12. I grow in a never ending cycle, autos are with my veg and clone plants in a closet. In my 5x5s I add one plant every 2 weeks keeping a rotation of 5 in there. When it's time for one to go in one comes out once I'm up 2 five. I search for 10 week finishers or faster when I grow.

    All that to say I don't move my light much. The freshly introduced plants are far enough away from the light to not be burnt, and they always seem to find the height they like on their own, rarely do I have to supercrop
  13. Thanks for replying if you don’t mind I have a few questions ? What % do you do your lights? The picture with the 2 side by side how one is half the size of the other-your thoughts
  14. 100%

    Genetics, same stran different bean, they are not identical. One more compact, one more stretchy.

    Who suggested 2 plants in the same pot? How many gal of media in that pot? Is their a baffle?

    That's probably gonna end badly if you don't dig em up now. Think 3 times the amout of growth under ground as you see above ground. The bigger plants roots could already be taking the majority of nutrients from the smaller plant.
  15. 17 years, yea I run 2 or 3 autos in my veg room all the time
  16. I started watching Biuld-a-soil videos on YouTube and that’s where I saw about the earth-box’s which holds 7 gallons of medium. Where he was growing 2 autos per box. What your saying makes sense thanks for that feed back! K you said 100% do you have your lights all the way at the top-ceiling of your grow room? What is your light system and schedule? I do 18/6 Thanks for the feedback from the great northeast
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    Honestly I would have to guess but at about 6 feet from the ground and I grow in 5 gal dwc buckets. So they are about 4 ½ ft from bucket surface give or take
  18. What is your light- Led, bulbs? And watts? What’s your temperature and humidity around veg and flower

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