4 Week old Plants with Yellowing Leaves Pics Included

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    this is my third grow and I've never had anything quite like this happen. I got these from a friend about three days ago. He had told me they were a little abused because they had been moved from 4 different grow locations in their short life span, and on top of that my friend also made a mistake and gave them slight nuit burn(I know that's why the tips of some leaves are shriveled and brown). But what i'm wondering about is why the leaves look the way they do, certain leaves are turning yellow, while others are getting dark near the middle of the leaf and lighter and more yellow as you look farther towards the edge of the leaf. They are in an flood&drain system and im using general hydroponics' flora series. Thank for the help :D

    Edit: I think it's a zinc deficiency, not sure though..

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