4 week old leaves are yellowing... Any suggestions?!

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  1. Hey guys, I'm growing one plant of Early Miss, it's auto-flowering so I've got lights and a fan going 24/7, it's been doing great so far but I'm noticing yellowing on the tips of the lower leaves and a bit of yellow colouring in the stem.. it's growing in ProMix formula purchased from Walmart, just feeding it water. A ny suggestions for nutrient deficiency or other causes? Any help is great. thanks in advance!! image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  2. Pro Mix has a shot of fertalizer in it but once it's used up u will have to feed it something. I'd start with some earth worm castings mixed into the top layer of PM and watering it in.
  3. Thank you!!
  4. It's just natural. The lower leafs are useless when the multi finders fan leave come out.
  5. Thanks for the comment! I'm just concerned because the middle of the new growth leaves are looking slightly yellow in the stems so I'm not sure if that is normal or not..
  6. Not nutrient deficiency, but nutrient burn. All the off-the-shelf soils are loaded with slow release fertilizers...even the ones that say 100% organic. A new seedling and a lot of fertilizer makes for a little burn sometimes. Give it only straight pH'd water and for goodness sake, let it dry almost out before you water again. You've got that thing growing in a huge bucket and it's really hard to tell for sure what the moisture situation is down around the roots in something that big. I used to flower mine off in those, but realized that I didn't need anything near that big...so I've got a bunch of extra buckets now. LOL But I ended up buying a moisture probe with an extra long probe so I could get down around the roots and do a moisture check. I don't grow autos, but in general, these plants don't like their roots sitting in moisture all the time and they just do much better if you make sure they are dry enough between waterings. As far as nutes, you're not going to need any for a good long while because of what came in your soil. But when the plant has grown and had the opportunity to use up what is in the soil and you do start feeding, start out at 1/4 the recommended amount. It's not the nutes that make the big beautiful buds, it's the amount of good strong lighting they get in flower. So, if you're planning on flowering with those type bulbs, know that your buds are going to be light and fluffy...even arid and the plant is not going to grow to it's full potential. Flourescents work great for vegging, but lack pretty badly on the flowering end of things. Lots of great posts in the forum on autos and for new growers and I'm pretty sure everything that has ever been thought of or tried is logged somewhere there. LOL Good luck! Hope you have good luck with your auto. I see lots of posts where they do really weird things sometimes. Hope yours works right. TWW
  7. The new growth is the only way to see current health status. Leaves once mature only stores food and waste as it seems light for fuel.
    Once it stops enlargeing no circulation really happens to effect appearance.

    Look to the expanding fesh foliage .

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