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"4-Way" Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JTMarlinRip2, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. Has anyone else heard of 4-Way, or Four Way, weed? My brother had some. He said it came from Amsterdam and won High Times best weed of the year award or something. It was the greenest and best smelling bud I've seen. Said it costs $120 an eighth and one hit made him high (he's a well seasoned smoker). ANYWAYS, does anyone know anythnig about this stuff?
  2. ive never heard of a weed called 4 way weed
    you should ask him did he buy it on the street or from a coffey shop
  3. By "High Times best weed of the year award" I assume you mean the Cannabis Cup Finals. But no bud by that name won a Cup this year (or any previous year that I can recall).

    The only things I could rationalize that were bud related with "4-way" were maybe reference to a hooka, herbicide messurment (micro-rate mix). And window-pane acid, but I don't see how that would go one in one with weed. Unless the person he was buying from was insuing that he could get him some... and your brother misunderstood.

    BUT the only thing that makes any real sense would be a a "four-way/4-way" hybrid (Meaning that a strain was formed by crossing four very good strains... a commonplace way to identify a strain.)

    NOTE: I have heard certain bud referred to as "4-way" but it's always a way of referring to it's "parents" in the way I mentioned above :) A couple newbie seed banks just refer to some of their own strains as "4-way's" so people could buy 'em thinking that was their strain name. I assume this is the answer you were looking for.

    So no eye-opening information, you can't go out and order the strain or anything... sorry :)
  4. Yeah he said it was like the winner of the cannabis cup. I saw the stuff, it was unlike any other weed I've seen. Very very dark green, like Hunter green and it was in a sealed container and you could still smell it. Some guy he knows got seeds from Amsterdam and sold my brother a bud from the plant he grew (or so I think...).

  5. yer man ive had that shit im from the uk and it wernt a dam weed it was grown over here its 4 different strains i just cant remember them but its fukin rawww shit
  6. am just chillin smokin on this blue cheese uk grown hard as nails and it blows caps off
  7. $120 an 8th? One hundred and twenty an eighth?

    I'd never pay that.
  8. Nothing is worth $120/eighth.
  9. i wouldnt pay for any weed at that price unless god himself jizzed on it. fucking 120 an 8th is outragious.
  10. $120 an eighth is ridiculous and I doubt very seriously that he ever paid that

    I've grown something called Four-Way that a friend ordered from a seed bank and it was pretty good but nothing to write home about
  11. there was a strain i saw on the internet that was called 4ways.

    High Quality Seeds Four Way Special

    Four Way Specials consists of Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis and Skunk. It's very easy to clone and resistant to most diseases. Well-balanced taste and effect.

    Could be this
  12. 120 for an 1/8th? Obviously your dealing with someone who doesn't know what they are talking about.
  13. like i say to all the overpriced dank buyers, ok you buy that eith for 120 ill but an oz well see who runs out first. wow people are stupid a lot.
  14. Well of course an oz is going to last longer.
  15. no offense, but i always look at people who only smoke to get a high as the ones who are addicted to a substance, not enjoying it...

    hell, buying schwag would still be cheaper than what I do now if you count the cost of genetics/light/equipment, but once you've had the best and learned to treat it with respect rather than burning it all day every day you can't go back to dirt weed imo

    I have a buddy in Arizona who has consistently had fluffy, light green, skunky, virtually seedless "mid grade" with 6" long colas for $150/qp since I met him several years ago...that's just about the only possible thing I might consider buying if I was really desperate just because it's a great deal :smoking:

  16. i can see you are a new member. please, please refrain from opening up pointless seven year old threads. the OP hasn't been active for years, and it was a stupid question to begin with. no biggie though, welcome to GC!

  17. I think it was ssarcasm. . .:smoking:
  18. I grew 4 way a few years back. Its a cross of white widow, N. lights, i think crystal and another popular strain. Frankly I couldn't tell the difference between that and strait white widow, but i'm not a connoisseur. I'm getting out of these high potency strains that knock your socks off with one hit.

    There, you can close this thread now.
  19. Lol, after buying OG Kush for 30 an eighth, you would never catch me payin 120 for "4-way"
  20. Yeah QFT.

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