4 VS 5 Inch Spoon?

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  1. Hey guys I am in the process of ordering my first spoon and was wondering which you would prefer? Should I go with a 4 or 5 inch version of a pipe? (The blower says he will do either.)
  2. it depends on what you want.. it doesn't make much of a difference either way, depends on how much you plan to transport it/throw it in a pocket when traveling.

    I thought this was a 4 Victoria's Secret 5 inch spoon and i was confused
  3. Haha my bad, and idk just general use spoon. (Shall be my first dry piece)
  4. it really depends man, length doesn't really mean too much. I generally find pipes around 4in to be nice, that said 5in pipes can also be nice. a 5in pipe wont necessarily hit smoother/cooler than a 4in pipe either - so it really depends on the piece
  5. So go with the four inch version?
  6. I would go with the 4in. I have one around that size, hits perfectly and easy to carry/conceal. Cheers
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    i would say go 4 inches because they are easier to put in my pocket. 5 inches it just starts to get on the large side. my smoothest hitting piece is actually only ~3 inches though. it's a high-density glass that was blown by a local guy here, seen these pipes chucked down the street and they don't break. heard a story that a guy dropped it out of his convertible going 60 and he went back for it, found it totally intact.
  8. 4 - easy transportation
  9. Really depends. Like, a 5 inch would be nice to be able to keep at home and enjoy a bigger pipe in the safety of your house, and a 4 inch is better to carry and conceal in public. So it's up to you. :)
  10. I decided to go with the four inch version, for mobility and as it seems to be what most of you recommend. For those who were interested, it is one of these
  11. Holy shit, that thing is nice! One of the nicest spoons I've ever seen. What's the price? That website is a bit confusing.

  12. I know right? So awesome! It costs 54.99 plus 5.99 for the shipping. I can't wait to get it. haha.
  13. Pricey but it looks solid and it's beautiful... Something you'll probably keep for decades if you're careful. And you know 99.99% of the people you come across will not have something remotely similar.

    I like the big carb too, should make for a "powerful" feeling pipe!
  14. I know it is so much compared to most spoons on etsy. I don't really care though because literally, DSOTM is one of my fave albums ever. The second I saw this pipe I knew I wanted it. I would spend 100 on this pipe if I had to. All the other ones I've seen, with abstract swirl designs are sweet too, but this one just like hit me. *No pun intended ;p*
  15. The price isn't too bad for a piece like that. If I had seen it I would have probably bought it. Plus Pink Floyd is one of the best bands ever.

  16. Amen to that!
  17. I don't think the extra inch will make a difference about harshness. I'd go with 4, the smaller the more portable.
  18. that's a sick pipe man
  19. sick pipe, pipes are sik man

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