4 Unknown Strains 2 Week Update

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CurlyGrower, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Alrighty all, here is a pic of the plants. What do you think? Any ideas as far as indica or sativa? I water every other day. The small one is two days behind the others, as far as when it popped from the soil and seems to be more sensitive. Thanks again for your thoughts. MVIMG_20190713_202156.jpg
  2. I think they look healthy enough. Bottom right might be a bit iffy? Time will tell.
    I think it's too early to tell if they're sativa or indica...though I hear indicas have thicker leaves (they look thick to me?), and I know at least here they're more commonly grown on account of being heavier/shorter.
    So if it's random bagseed, between that and the thickness (maybe?), I'd lean towards indica...but there's not much you could get in the way of certainty at this early stage.

    Keep us posted.
  3. Thanks, I was thinking they looked thicker as well. And yeah the short plant needs to stop being finicky. Haha if it was that easy. I'll for sure be uploading more pics.

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