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4 The Dutch

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by vanBong, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. Hey mein Cannabis Comradz,

    this question is @ the peeps livin in Holland:

    Do we get better shit than the rest of the world because of our funny weed laws?


  2. You mean 18, right...? :D

    yep he,s 18 :D critter
  3. OMG!!

    this threads been altered!!!

    Dr krapp, pi is a foot!
  4. lmao... damn im high...
  5. EuropeanVW, "don't quote me boy 'cause i ain't said shit" ;)
  6. wtf im confused but then again also high
  7. Not necceserally.

    It has occured me that people in other countries don't tend to look closely as to what they are buying. They just want to get high and whatever they get they smoke.
    Sometimes there isn't enough time, like in a coffeeshop, to see, smell and feel what you buy. In coffeeshops you can relax and look at the chart and even buy a small amount and smoke it on the spot.
    People in other countries only have their dealer to attend to their needs and what you see is what you get most of the time. I'm glad I live in Holland and I can "shop" for my mj.
    Not everyone has that option so mj of lesser quality also ends up in the dealer system, but I do believe their is also excellent quality around, it just depends on what the dealer can offer at the moment.
    One danger I read about frequently is laced mj, that is something you won't find in Holland and I think it's a potential danger for your health that can be dealt with in the likes of coffeeshop like we have. If we find laced mj in a coffeeshop we can have that coffeeshop closed so they won't dare doing that.
  8. I've never gotten laced pot or even heard of it happening anywhere around here. I suppose it has and does happen, but not to me.

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