4 sprouts... Use all lights?

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  1. hey, i have 4 seeds that just popped through the soil. my question is should i use all of my lights or just a few. and if its just a few. which ones. ive got 2x45w warm lights the produces 2000lumens each, 1x27w daylight- 1300lumens , and a 24w which idk howmany lumens it throws.

  2. Just go with a couple of the daylight (6500k) bulbs, that will do them fine until they get a few sets of leaves.
  3. Ok cool. question tex. when im in the vegging stage should i have 2 extra 24w daylights. should i take out the 2 40w warms and replace them with the daylights or leave them in and use both daylight and warm. i would use the just daylights alone but idk if thats enough watts.
  4. Use as much light as you can. I think you should target about 4 CFLs per plant for when they are getting bigger.
  5. Agreed. There is no harm in mixing the type of bulbs for a fuller spectrum. Use all the lights you can, you cant have too many. For veg, just try to have the majority of the bulbs in the right spectrum.
  6. ok. i'll add all the lights later.

    Another question. I've looked through threads and some people say to make sure the soil is always wet when they are just little sprouts and others say to wait til its dry and check if they need it with my finger. My question is which one. They are only about 1' so far and idk if im under or over watering.
  7. Once they start showing their first serrated leaves you should start allowing the soil to dry out. Many growers start their sprouts in a smaller pot which will dry out pretty quickly. MJ roots need oxygen and actually benefit from the soil getting a bit dried out, not only does it allow oxygen to enter the soil but also forces the roots to shoot out in search of water, ultimately strengthening them. But the young sprout should not get over-dried, just enough to let it flex its roots, so to speak.
  8. ok cool thanks toasty. you have basicly been the one who has helped me out with every question in the past so thanks man.

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