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4 Questions For People Who Are or Once Were 60's "Hippies"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by njhippie, Aug 17, 2008.

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    Ok, actually 3.

    I am 20 and have only smoked for a little over 2 years now but I've never really met a legit hippie/stoner (Sorry to label) who survived the 60s and is still loving the herb and all about peace and love.

    I'm going to college and if the opportunity ever comes up I may do a report on "the hippies who survived the 60s." (either that or fuck college all together and get a real life) And FYI I am quite high at the moment.

    I have 4 Questions if you would like to answer?
    1. How is the weed culture different today than in the 60's?

    2. How much more potent is it really and do people over use it more today?

    3.What is the future of the "Hippie culture" when so many young people feel that peace and love are over?
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    I can only help you with question number 4. The reason why peace and love are over is money. Every generation gets more and more concerned with money leaving less time for peac and love(On the average, of course there are exceptions but they dont rlly meatter)

    Im sure you have recently gone through the college application proccess. In the 1960's the proccess was alot more friendly. Now, there is nothing peaceful about it. You get ranked in 15 different ways and compared without emotion to other students. Higher ranked students go to better colleges and enjoy higher starting salaries. Lower ranked students go to worse colleges and have a much harder life at least in the beginning. There is no room for peace and love in a culture that constantly compares people and offers CLEAR rewards for higher ranked individuals.

    Thus, the future is quite grim. I have no idea if this movement towards rigorious comparison will continue but if it does expect the days of peace and love to be over.

    Sorry if i lack knowledge on the topic but this is just my opinion. I'm only 17 and i've been taught to worry about money ever since age 2, as have all my friends. When i travel to europe where they still are somehwat in the peace and love stage, people notice that as an American, i value money more than most things. I never noticed this obsession until i went to Europe. When i came back to USA and talked to my friends and realized that they were almost all like me icame up with my opinion about the state of peace and love.

    You agreed that you were at least 18 when you registered. *RMJL
  3. True, but money has always been a factor in life. Maybe the hippies dropped a little too much acid and burnt out but I feel its time for another 60's style revolution. Not the 60s all over again, but an upgraded version where we do internet protests and create underground "pot shops" where good weed can be bought any time you need it (ok I'm a little high).

    It would be based on peace and nonviolence like last time but this time we'd do easy on the lsd and mostly smoke good herb and we'd protest everywhere just like the 60s but we don't make the same mistakes like getting into riots and becomoing lazy.
  4. yo.. im so down for another 60's. i missed the first one, lets do it again.

    woodstock 69 baby bring it back.

    but also you guys gotta understand... you gotta give up material shit... bein stoners i think you guys get this but like,,, disconnect from your damn cell or computer. i mean yea chill with em but ppl are so caught up in what they can buy next or their new shit they miss the big picture... the peace and love that was around in the 60's isn't here anymore. everyone's so self centered...fuck it man. gotta bring it back.

    you aint livin till you're livin to benefit humanity.
    martin luther king said somethin along those lines

    edit: im gettin a vw bus and findin everyone on these damn forums... everyone that's chill at least, and we're doin this shit... hahah
  5. where is number 3?
  6. you mean your only 18? ;)
  7. hahahaha 1, 2 and 4 :smoking:
  8. lol, I hadn't smoked in a month then just blazed a g myself. I was BAKED! I just edited it though.
  9. Man, that's what I love about all the places I hang out. No tv or computer or internet access or anything like that. Just a record player, a sack, and a few friends. [don't forget about all that paraphernalia that goes along with the sack :p :bongin: ]
  10. People seem to think the 60's were glorious years when they really weren't. True, there was peace and love and togetherness and the US was in a way more relaxed, but look at Vietnam and all the crazy political shit going on. The country was in shambles when the 60's were occurring so i'd rather start my own movement of peace then relive what they went through, although it would be sick to see woodstock again...
  11. Yeah but people glorify these years for the counter-culture. When people say they want to relive the sixties most mean they want to revive the counter-culture not the politics and war and all that shit. But it would be sort of pointless in a way because politics and war is what created the counter-culture.
  12. i met an old hippie guy who was a stoner when i went to panama city for spring break. he was there with his son and his sons friend. he was the coolest old guy ive ever met who wasnt family. he sounded just like tommy chong. he was always like hey maaaaan they need to legalize grass maaaaaan. then he went off on a big long rant of why it should be legal.

    dude was funny as fuck
  14. Wow I completely forgot about this thread I started until it showed up when I made this one

    I don't think many of these original hippies are hanging out on GC but I could be wrong.

    And I agree with you, I wouldn't want another Vietnam or anything but I wish we could bring back the 60s counterculture.
  15. And don't worry about those "4 questions" I was blazed out of my mind. Basically how would you compare the weed subculture and life in general if you were around in the 60's.

  16. Generally we need something horrible happen to let go... its a problem with America. But on the bright side things are shitty once again so we are primed for another renaissance... we need to take advantage of it.
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    I can comment on some of this. I thought hippies were dead. I mean not really dead, but I figured hippies would blend in with people we see everyday...that is partly true. I'm 23, but I have always thought I was born in the wrong era, haha. I feel I would have had a better time in the 60s...any who enough with the rant.

    I recently went to see The Dead 04/21/09 in Buffalo NY. Like I said before I thought hippies don't exist anymore. Let me tell you I could not have been more wrong. Immediately there presence could be felt. Just from looking at the crowd, from the guy selling nitrous balloons for 5$ the guy selling individual beer out of his own cooler to get money for the next show, or the guy and girl selling veggie dogs and veggie burgers. Hippies, everywhere, seas of tie die as far as you can see. People being so nice, and everyone is just high (not only on the herb) it was just like you see in the movies from back in the day.

    I bought a couple tie died shirts, and the vendor was really nice, made sure I was happy with the purchase and such. the display was nothing special just shirts on a wall with grabage bags on the ground with the shirts neatly folded.

    There were people asking for money to make it to the next show, and the best part is most of these people never even made it into the concert they were just there for the festivities.

    I guess what I am trying to say is, being a hippie isn't mainstream as it once was, however that doesn't mean they don't exist, it just means they don't come out of the woodwork very often. They need something worth while where there is good vibes, good drugs and a good time...sounds like Dead concerts to me.

    Anyways hope this helps.
  18. He is obviously King of the British. :p
  19. Yeah that helps. I didn't know the "Dead Head Hippies" were still doing their thing. Sounds like a great time!

    I think that the difference is that hippies are no longer widespread like in the 60s but they come together for events like the concert you described. Also certain places like Burlington Vermont and California for sure seem to have more hippies than average. At least thats how I see it.

    I'm actually going to school in Burlington this fall. Its such a chill and peaceful city.

    Good point about the Hippies still being around. They're not going anywhere as long as people keep the original ideals alive and each generation adds more people to the movement.

    It never really dies just transforms and modernizes and sometimes goes into hiding.

    And I'm 20 and I feel like I was born too late sometimes too but its not about the decade that started it, its about the people and events that keep it going.
  20. Yeah, I'm hoping that the poor economy will reduce the greed and materialism in this country as a positive side effect. Maybe it will even bring back some of the free love and peace values that are caused by people coming together instead of walling themselves off in their mcmansions and whatnot.

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