4 Plants. Beginner grow. HELP PLEASE

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  1. Hey guys, I'm a "NOOB" to the indoor farming and I need some help. I want to grow 4 crops of white widow indoors. I need to know what size tent I should get and also the amount of watts for the light I need to get. Is it okay to just switch out the bulbs if I get a fixture that does both HPS and MH? Does anyone also know the soil ratio I need to have because I am FOR SURE adding sand to the mixture as recommended by an advanced farmer. So how much do I mix with a well known soil like fox farms? I also need to know the pot size in gallons that should be putting these in. If anyone could reply and help me out, that would be amazing! Thanks

  2. I'm just wondering if the only thing you know FOR SURE is you're adding sand, then why don't you know FOR SURE how much?
  3. pothamburger,
    I have no experience with growing white widow, but I advise you to continue doing research here on GC to get a better handle on the basics.
    You ask what size tent to get - but you didn't say what kind of space you have. My point is this: plants can be trained, supercropped, vegged long or short, LSTed and otherwise manipulated depending on many different variables. Take pot size for example - one gallon per foot is the rule, but, it's hard to say exactly what size is best for you because there may be other factors like budget, space, availbility, etc. that you need to take into consideration. Me personally, I can't speak on MH and HPS because I did CFLs in a grow box I built myself for under $100 - but all the answers are usually here if you take the time to read & research.
    And why are you so hooked on sand? I use perlite myself because it delivers oxygen and water to the roots. What I'm saying is that I have an "old grower dude" who advises me too - I listen to everything he says and then I decide which bits of advice I'll follow, and which bits I won''t.
    And frankly, that's why my plants look and taste better than anything I've ever seen him grow.
    Good luck figuring everything out.
  4. You have a resource, use it wisely. Bold type is the BEST advice you can follow.  Like I always say grow your own weed, make your own rules.
  5. I have space, Money will be coming in here and there. All I know for sure is that I want 4 crops and the reason sand is to make sure that I don't have an insect problem. I just want some good soil ratios but I guess the best advice I get is to just read up. Thank you
  6. From what I've read, silica product increase insect resistance.  They increase the cell walls of the plant and they should be in a form where they can be taken up by the plant, not just in the soil.  Bugs for for leaves usually, they taste good.  Any bugs in your soil will eventually affect the whole plant, usually not just the soil.
  7. The most common insect issue indoors is fungus gnats. Over watering is almost always the cause to the gnat issue. Forget sand and use a well draining soil mixed with perlite. Don't over water and you won't have to worry about fungus gnats.
    You'll want around 100w per plant, so a 400w - 600w HID will do. It's perfectly fine to switch out the bulbs. Most HID ballasts these days are MH/HPS compatible.
    Good luck!
    Think like that and you'll do fine.
    I had a few budworms this year on my first outdoor grow - an unexpected situation - but I got on top of it by doing reseach here and on Google. It never got to be a real problem because I learned about Spinosad and BT in time. Didn't know about either until I read about them on GC.
    Go for it.

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