4 plants and a flowering problem.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by formula, May 16, 2006.

  1. Hello, i currently have 4 plants. 1 is a little fert burned bitch (thanks miracle grow) that stopped growing at about 12", 2 other ones that are about a month old that are almost 12" and a monster that is almost 3 feet tall. My question is, how big will the 3 ft plant get during flowering. This is a normal soil grow with a 250w HPS. The flowering time is VERY short 44 days, the strain is top 44. I want to wait a week or two more to let the 3 medium sized plants mature more, but i can really only raise my light roughly 6-10 more inches high. Should i start flowering immediately to avoid the big plant outgrowing the light or do you think im ok to let the smaller plants mature? The 3 ft plant is only a month and a half old, anyone know why it is growing so fast? it was barely 12" tall at a month.
  2. Cant say why shes growing so fast she just want to. I can say she will streach as much as 3x there size in the first few weeks of flowering..
    If you really have no where to veg the others you could look in to LSTing her down so the others can catch up.. As well as many other techneques that could help you to gain a lil more time and space for the others...

    If I were you though I would make a place for the liler ones to finish veging. and let the big one flower alone under that 250.. All those plants together wouldn't be lit efficently... Not saying no buds just that wont be as good or as big as would be if flowered alone.. hope some help comes from this rambling...
  3. they are lit effeciently, i have the smaller ones boosted up on little brick piles to be the same height as the 3 ft plant. I may move the growing area out a little bit which will allow about 2 ft more room for the light to be raised. I'll sleep on it. Also allowing the smaller ones to finish is not an option. I have a deadline to meet because i am going out of town for an entire week and no one will be there to care for the plants.

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