4 million for this pic? cmon....

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  1. 4 fuckin million....some bullshit if ya ask me.

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  2. People definatley get into the lives of celebraties way too much. I almost feel bad for the famous actors, but then I remember that they have more money than God and it's all good.
  3. haha yeah...is that like a record or something 4 mil is a lot for a pic
  4. jesus, america needs to get a life

  5. really... i agree
  6. Awww, she's adorable.
  7. hahaha.

    people die every day of malnutrition all over the world.

    and we in america pay 4 million dollars for pics of celebrities and their babies.
  8. hey...the money's going toward a good cause...haha no seriously i think it's going to africa or something though is what i saw on the news i think maybe i was surprised
  9. I think Hello! is the UK magazine that paid for a pic and People is the US magazine that also paid for a pic. They both had first dibs or something. The celebs are supposed to be donating all money to charity but still...someone is paying that money for a picture. It's rather insane.

    People got the pic of Angelina looking at Brad:


    She is a beautiful baby, though. :)
  10. She is a beautiful baby!!!!!

    I cant wait til my second bundle of joy gets here!!!!!!

    As far as the money envolved to get the pic, its going to a good cause. :D She is the daughter of the two most 'beautiful' people in show biz...do you honestly expect anything less?
  11. You could probably have them assasinated for less than 4 million..
  12. hahahaha

    wow hoast. so funny.

  13. babahahahh dude you crack me up :D
  14. Phh now she has a floppy vagina.


    Thankyou Brad Pitt for taking all the fun out of my life.

  15. First of all.... :eek: but, thats exactly what my husband said the other day.
  16. I could have found a few things better to do with all that loot. JOE>
  17. i bet that shit was floppy way before she gave birth.
  18. respect to angelina, coz she can makemoney outof nothing... i wonder how much ppl would pay to c her boobs ... :rolleyes:
  19. See em.

    They're kind of saggy.

    Watch the movie GIA

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