.4 left!! What to do with it!

Discussion in 'General' started by BurninBowls, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. I got .4 left of some stright kill GDP. (can't re-up for a day)
    The problem is, I have extremely high tolerance, I was at the point of 1/2 ounce going down a day.. (Not schwag weed either) it's always something from the medical club or my private dealer (in which he sells to the club and the club sells his dope 85$ and 8th)

    But I also got alot of half burnt weed (weed that I hit in bowls and blow out, only take about 4 hits of each bowl)

    Help on my high? :p

  2. Time capusle, then in 10 years when your cronic bam... your high
  3. Well'p alrighty then:)

  4. You shouldn't call it dope.

    I would take a T-break if your smoking half an ounce a day.
  5. Lol clubs are selling 8s at $85 per? BS...

    Just hit it in a bong or vape, you probably won't feel very high but what else are you gonna do with it.
  6. Indeed,

    Believe it or not some weed out in california -humboldt county/mendocino area can get up to 250 for a half ounce... ridiculous I know..

    But it is 1 hitter quitter:)
  7. Make a firecracker with it. Or make some ticture with it.
  8. blade it
  9. make a gravity bong.
  10. When I have a tiny bit of weed left sometimes I like to wait until I get a new bag and then mix that weed with the new (usually different) weed and get wicked blazed!

    Or if not, just smoke it.
  11. grav it bruh
  12. Smoke a fat bowl?
  13. blunt/joint it, a little personal pinner
  14. This is why I love having a vape.

    If you don't have one just do some method that 1 hits the bowl, and remember to hold those hits in deeeeep to get the most out of it.
  15. .4 is a really big hit.

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    lol ya in my vape thats enough for atleast 2 days, if i do two sessions a day :p
  18. Add some tobacco onto your bowl... just pack it in the bong and milk it. .4g is a solid hit from a bong... in fact, it's real big. It should get you feeling decent.

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