4 hours dry heaving after smoking

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  1. This scares me I have been smoking since a teen in 70s and this dry heaving has happened twice this year ,both times this dry heaving has lasted exactly 4 hours ,what could cause this ?what could pot be laced with?
  2. It's not laced.................

    Just sounds like you can't handle your smoke. Try taking smaller hits........
  3. Ha ha I know what I can handle ,10 minutes after enjoying a blend of blueberry I spent the next 4 hours unable to move and constant dry heaves,there has got to be something in some hydro blends to cause this reaction. Has this happened to any
  4. If you've been smoking for 30+ yrs, I'm sure you could tell if your bud is laced.

    I've been smoking for only 6yrs, and If I smoked laced herb, I would know.
  5. Yes I have experienced a laced batch with body numbing but for this to happen twice within 6 months there has got to be something added must be a local here in Texas It didn't affect my smoking buddy I guess I just need to stay away from hydo blends

  6. Maybe you got cannabinoid hyperemesis

    The syndrome is characterised by nausea, stomach pain and bouts of vomiting
  7. Thanks for interesting article ,I am not a heavy smoker a couple times a week thanks for sharing article
  8. Weed is almost never laced. It doesn't make sense. If they lace it with another drug, chances are it's more expensive than weed so why would they even bother, and if it's with something else, that's just shit weed and no one will buy it. I think you're just out smoking yourself. If you were a teen in the 70s, maybe your lungs aren't quite what they used to be, and you need to pace yourself more.
  9. Has nothing to do with it being grown hydroponically, in soil, coco... whatever... it's more likely that it's somehow related to your own health.

    If you've been smoking since then 70s and you were a teen then... you're at an age where shit just kinda happens with your body if you don't take care of it.

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