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4 gs of Blue Domina, and 8 gs of Jack Herer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BlueDom, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. The Blue Domina is on the left, the Jack on the right. The second photo is of the Blue Domina, tried to get a better shot. The Dom was 5.5 for 40, and the Jack was 90 a half.

    Attached Files:

  2. great pics man! cant see a thing!
  3. Thank you for being constructive.
  4. not everybody has a nice camera man. i got some funk im gonna post up soon, but the camera i have makes it look like shit. OP enjoy man. I love domina, one of my favs. In a few weeks ill have Purple Kush x Black Domina harvest. I wonder what kind of colours it will produce if I let it go longer into the cooler temps.
  5. Thanks man, that taste is what makes it my favourite. Looking forward to seeing your harvest if you decide to put it up!:smoke:
  6. ya, those pics are lousy.

    It definatley looks like marijuana :).

    Jack Herer is awesome, but ive never had Blue Domina. Enjoy!
  7. Such good prices for what appears to be some really dank bud. Where do you live to have those amazing prices?
  8. Ottawa man. I really wish I could get some better pics. On top of this I also have .5 of some Blueberry and .5 of some different Jack that I got back in august that's been curing with some cinnamon for almost a month.

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