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4 Grams Or 3.5 + Edible Or..?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SkilledToker, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Whats up Blades,
    Just wondering if it would be better to get 4 grams of some dank dispensary bud or 3.5 grams and an edible? Or should I get the 3.5 grams and save the ten bucks?

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    I'd go with the 3.5 and the edible since you said its top shelf from the dispensary.
    Then again I'd like to know what kind of edible too  :smoking:
  3. They got cookies like chocolate chip and maybe M&M, ice cream, reeses peanut butter brownies, frosted MM brownie, chocolate, etc and some soda for $8 and yeah haha menu is here
  4. 60 bucks a fucking quarter.
    So jealous man. So jealous.
  5. Yeah dude, there are $23 eighths, and $45 quarters at this one other dispensary thats close by.
  6. I'd imagine you guys "no name bottom shelf" dank is pretty comparable to street dank around non med states... Dang dude. I imagine alot of money is being brought in just from medical sales, imagine if the US just sold marijuana at those prices, sooo much money would be coming back in. It's seriously the trick to pulling us out of debt. Saw some hash on there too for 18 a gram... damn dude, just damn.
  7. $220/oz... damn, that is a sweet price
  8. We get it for 150 a oz in canada premo shit too. 
  9. 3.5 with edible DEFINITELY. Edibles for experience and .5gram aint much man
  10. 3.5 gram and the edible, more bang for your buck my dude.
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    Got the 3.5 and edible. Reese peanut butter brownie, the experience was alright, I smoked a bowl to try and boost the effects of the brownie, and I think the brownie worked a little but it took forever. It had 1 gram of cannabudder in it. I feel like I could have had a better experience with some other bud instead of the edible though but meh

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