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4 grams of one of the firest shit ive ever gota. str8 fiyaaa

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by airwalkia, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. you lucky little shit...thats 25 a g in bmore .3 for $10

    i cant wait to get out there for that norml thing in SF
  2. .5 dutchmaster vanilla or grape cigarillos...8 blunts
  3. What are ya the feds tryin to "fit in" round here? No stoner I know is that damn anal! On 2nd thought maybe your just a huge douchebag! hey who knows! +rep for blunts to the face!

  4. thanks mayne
  5. Northern Cali? if so what dispensary are you gettin your bud from?

  6. so cal niqqa. i got a buddy who gets it. i keep that info secret
  7. For some reason I read your post wrong and thought you said your picking up from a dispensary, my bad.
  8. Not bad, looks pretty dank. but if that's the best stuff you've smoked out there... i feel bad for you.
  9. Looks AMAZING.
  10. That is some flaming dank. :smoking:

  11. niqqa youz a hatin mther fcker. dis da fya bcx i h4d ha sh1t in 3 m0N7hS
  12. grow up and learn type like you've gone to school.
  13. ^lol. the weed looks dank as fuck, shame 1.4gs of it was wasted in that ugly ass blunt
  14. i had some cali med a WHILE ago but..i could never forget lol. and i like the lighter beeline thing.

  15. My bad sir. I didn't mean to disturb you any.

    Actually the blunt appealed all my tastes. It was strickingly smooth, burned slowly, draw was perfect. I loved it.

  16. Whatever bud, now go get back to your summer reading. School starts in 2 weeks for you children. I remember reading "The Old Man and the Sea" in 7th grade lol

    Seriously I can get shit like that regularly in NY, real cali med puts that stuff to shame, then again you have to be 18 to get in a dispensary so we understand why you're lacking:p

  17. haha nice. im actually gona be a freshman in college. USF
  18. Nice shit man.
  19. You are smoking too much wrap. All you have to do is fold a crease in the blunt wrap about 3/4th of the way down and lick it then tear it off. I tear off about 2/5ths of mine, but most people will call that overkill. I just got that mad skill at rolling so no problems for me.

    unless of course you like smoking tobacco.

    Nice dank herb btw.

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