4 footer autos normal?

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  1. First time growing outside

    These 2 critical purples are over 4’ and still growing/budding. Not sure what to expect for yield. Only at end of second week of flowering.

    Big bushy one is 40” tall and is a tangerine dream auto with no flowers yet at day 53.

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  2. It's crazy how big some of them grow now. When I started growing autos about 15 years ago they would finish up at about 2' if everything was perfect, often just getting to about 1'. But they keep breeding later and later flowerers and they're becoming huge. Those are particularly big though, they look really healthy man, you're doing something right. I had a 00 chocolate skunk finish just over 5', but that was hydro grown. I recently had a Daiquiri Lime go 8 weeks before it started to flower so that one got pretty dam big too, thankfully I had it in a 10 litre pot which must've helped keep the size manageable
  3. 7097AB54-6B3F-4652-B874-11721A6C591F.jpeg Day 54 no signs of flowering for the tangerine dream. Heard other TD taking a while. Super auto hopefully. Maybe a quick 3 week flower/harvest.
  4. I was reading somewhere that something like 2% or 3% of a ruderalis cross didn't acquire the auto gene. They instead flowered on photo-period.
  5. 3C0EB1AE-178C-4BE4-8950-A8FDA623538E.jpeg Day 57 from seed. Not sure what the big bushy one is. Just now showing signs of pre flower. It’s thriving though

    What do you think a few more weeks for the ones flowering?

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  6. In a few weeks they won't be ready. Month and a half or so
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  7. Probably about 6-8 weeks to go
  8. The TD seed pack from growers choice says a 45-60 day flowering time and it’s been 20+ days already that’s why I was thinking 3 weeks.
  9. Day 60. Starting to put on some weight fast

    47ED3AD9-88C8-4D77-83C6-5F814345E61F.jpeg B2B140CB-5D8B-47CF-878D-4199D6CE4297.jpeg

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  10. Holly crap! Gotta just say congrats on how healthy your plants look for it being your first time growing outdoors. Damn good job. What ever nute program or special soil you got conjured up do not change it !! Keep us updated all the way to the end.
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  11. Thanks I appreciate it. I haven’t done much really other than a lot of care. Check my other post on details of soil etc

    Autoflower Grow Day 23
  12. Day 67.

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