4 days old seedling

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  1. This is my 4 day old seedling I think she's looking healthy but that's my opinion she's under a 30w clf 6500k 15000 lumen bulb when should I as more light any information would be brilliant 1461308596759.jpg
  2. Now. I'd add more now before she's 6 inches tall with only two leaves.
  3. Cheers ill add more when turn light back on how far away should I keep them from her
  4. That size i think it's about 2-4 inches, they don't radiate very far particularly at lower wattages. Don't really do cfl's myself but i put seedlings under a 600 watt HID and they do just fine. I've still yet to see a seedling damaged by too much light.
  5. You've started that seed off in a massively large container. Just know right now that it's going to take it days and days to get rooted in and back to growing foliage again. That's why we start them off in Solo cups....to confine the root space and amount of time it takes the plant to develop a root system, and it doesn't take the plant long to get back to growing the foliage. When put in soil, the germinated seed immediately starts building a root system. The larger the container it has to get rooted into, the longer it takes to do that and get back to growing foliage. The foliage doesn't do much while the plant is rooting in, but when you see the foliage start to grow and the plant start to use water, then the root system is finished and the plant starts to grow again. But until then...and I have no idea how long it will take, but don't give that plant anymore water. Just leave it under the light and leave it alone. You do not water the plant again until it is almost dead dry. That's how they like it so you're not being cruel or risking the health of the plant. Letting them dry out good combined with soil that is light and arid and drains easy, is just how they like it and will perform best. During veg, to get them as large as you can as fast as you can, start them in something small (no light penetration as roots need total darkness) and leave them growing in that until the plant itself is larger than the container it's in. This usually means the plant is slightly root bound...which is what you want before you try to transplant. Then go up one size in container. We move from cups to 1 gal, to #3 pots, to #5 pots and so on. Each time you repot, you get fresh soil which is also a fresh nute supply. Because of the way we bring our clones up, very little nute application is needed during veg. Mostly we start giving nutes toward the very end of the veg cycle and on throughout the flower cycle. But I don't like pouring a ton of chemicals in my plants and by using good soil, good potting technique and understanding how to water the right way (pH water to range of 6.3 to 6.7)...you should breeze through veg. The MH is great for veg too. Good luck! TWW
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  6. Your awesome widow, i owe you a couple thank yous from my first run still. I think you helped me 3 or four times. :smoke:
  7. Thanks for the replys quys it's a auto flower and everything I've read and been told is to start them off in the pot there going to finish as they really don't like transplant
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  8. Yeah that's what I read aswell

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  9. Considering she's in a big pot I'm seeing growth every day slowly but surely lol
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  11. I was getting ready to same the same thing as TWW lol! Is it bag seed or bank seed? Looks Good
    Good Luck

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  12. I'm not sure mate best of asking someone who knows more I'm new to this so wouldn't advice best off asking white widow here's a update today on her 1461407725944.jpg
  13. Mine is a bank seed mate
  14. Cool! What strain? Good Luck with your Grow

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  15. That comment was for red soldier mate
  16. I see mate! no biggie looking Good

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  17. @robbie the strain is critical + dinafem
  18. Nice! I've only smoked it lol. But it's Good Smoke But you're Good! Glad The community is helping you out.

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  19. Cheers mate

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