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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by CL4P-TP, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Why the hell do you care so much?
  2. cause I like the section .. and do not want it cluttered up with threads that belong in other sections.

    is that enough for you ?

    and while we are at it .. why the fuck would you NOT want GC to look good and be easy for blades to find info ?
  3. It's two threads.
  4. All you can really do is report the threads/posts and then it's the mods responsibility

    ....And I think if you feel like it's not being addressed, you PM a mod and not make a thead about it

    This can be seen as challenging the mods.....and there's no need to do that

    If you see some stuff around the board you don't like?.... report or ignore it and move on

    Just sayin'

  5. HUH ?

    look RMJL has no problem with this..done it before ..and in no way am I challenging a mod, we just do not have an active one in that section.
  6. ^^^^Well, I'm gonna practice what I preach and ignore this now

  7. I feel you OP, sometimes reporting doesn't do anything, the mods are busy, a little too busy actually, i mean it might be two threads in a wrong section but it's also breaking the rules therefor it's just as bad as making a thread about Unmentionables or such.

    so i guess all we can do is report and move on :)
  8. Report them and be patient, if you really cant do that just PM a mod, making threads about people's threads being against the rules is pretty pointless :p
  9. Wharf,

    Just so you know, I and others have appreciated what you have contributed, especially in the seedbank section. Your one of the go to guys in there and thats something to be said.

    If the breeding was one of my forums I would certainly clean it up for you my man.

    BTW I still don't understand why people insist on posting when they dont give a rats ass about the subject themselves...not that theres any of that in here.:D

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