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  1. Greetings bud lovers,
    Let me start my story like this,

    One day in the middle of march last month i was on my back porch blowin' hay by my lonesome and got a bright idea as one should while smokin trees as tasty as these. The next time i was rolling a fatty i decided to use that idea and save my seeds. i put them in a cup of water about eight of them. letm sit for two or three days. Almost forgot aboutm when that previous day it rained so there was obviously mud around the bushes/shrubs off the back porch. That was the perfect oppurtunity, i sloppily took a stick and dug a trench took my cup of water with the seeds in it and just dumped them along the 1 or 2inch deep by 1foot trench i had dug. It was very muddy with water still on the ground right. so i threw the mud back on top and 3 days later 3 little plants came up to my surprise as id never even attempted this. This was the exact time all the trees started getting their leaves and flowers were budding.
    This was all pretty much on accident/coincidental. So about a week later i take more seeds setm in a cup for a couple days n do the same thing. afew days later BOOM 2 plants pop up. The next day or so disaster strikes, i live in a townhome within/on the edge of an apartment complex. All winter until now these damn grounds workers havent touched or trimmed anything but the grass.
    To make a looong story short they irrigated, or whatever they do, the bushes everywhere including the ones by my back porch where my babies were you know when they stab a shovel all around the bushes to mix the soil n kill off unwanted weeds or what ever. Luckily by some miracle from the budgods they didnt kill not one of them but went under them. so i digm up and replant them abit deeper than they were in fresh potting soil in a i guess its a 3 gallon pot or 5. Theyve been growing pretty good even still, except the one my 2year old daughter ripped off at midstem i couldnt save, so that leaves me with 4 plants in this one pot.
    I live in north texas somewhat tropical i guess, the summers are too hot july and august are usually 100 or more degrees, lately its been between 70 and 80 degrees. At first i wasnt even serious about growing them but they ended up growing so well and still everyday they get bigger EVERYDAY that im wanting to smoke this sh!t. Someone please give me advise on what i should do besides SEPARATE them.
    I have pictures of them also, the largest ones leaf span is as wide as my pinky finger the pictures look smaller than they really are. Any way should i wait, separate them now or what, im not growing those suckers in this apartment complex i wanna putm in a field where their is plenty of camoflouge and sun which isnt hard to find already have a couple good spots picked out.
    Could someone give me feed back as to what they might do and i should do and anything else is greatly appreciated. Sorry this is so long but i wanted to be very thorough and i dont know squat about growing other than hear say. When will i tell if they are male or female etc. etc. Look at my pics and tell me what you think of them they are about 3 weeks old( the largest). Thanks if you read all this.

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  2. Here's another
    btw, the big one has 8 leaves finally!
    The pictures don't do these creatures much justice.
    That little bitty one was damaged and resprouted(in like 3 days) yesterday mornig after taking it from the earth to the pot.

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  3. Last one, takin in the daytime. 2 days prior to the previous pics.

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  4. thats some nice growin bud my friend:) btw what part of texas im from texas ;)
  5. Thanks, theyre growing slowly never the less growing healthy, the small ones are catching up with the big one and have little hairs on them. In a couple of days im looking to put 2 of them in the earth and keep the smaller ones in the pot, at least one will remain in the pot for its life. 1st timer here, just tryin to keep an eye on them and learn for the next grow. Only water and sunlight this time around.

    I live in Irving, Tx. What part of tx are you from?
  6. Sounds like you might want to move them somewhere safer... you never know the groundskeepers could find them one day and see an opportunity to get themselves some herb ;) or worse...
  7. Thanks for keepin me on my toes, i planned on doing it tomorrow, i just hate to put them out of my sight.
  8. 2 at 3weeks, 1 at 4weeks, the smallest is a few days old.
    The 2 weekers are as tall and taller than the 3 weeker now, their leaves are fewer but larger.

    Only water and sunlight 10 hours of sunlight a day is about all they catch.

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  9. One more

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  10. Last one

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  11. You might want to consider transplanting into spearate pots, at least 1 or 2 gallon pots for each plant. those 2 big ones next to each other might be getting their root structures entwined and less chance of more females.
  12. As of yesterday the 3 larger ones are out on there own in a new home. I kept the smaller one along with the two that resprouted yesterday morning. They're from the original batch i planted and thought had died, between the kid rippin one up and the groundskeepers, i replanted them in the pot with the others and thought they died but...
    Turns out i have all my original plants growing healthy so far.

    As for the 3 i put in the earth yesterday i'll check on them in a few days and see how they took it, fingers crossed.

    These little ones will go out earlier than 3 and four weeks, the roots are a little scary to deal with once they're 4inch plants or so..

    Here is their last night in the pot.
    The arrows point to where the new plants popped up!

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  13. When you water saturate thw whole pot then allow it to dry till the soil is just moist 1" down. Feel the weight of the pot to know when to water.

    Seperate the plants asap! MJ dosnt like to have its roots disturbed but they should live after the transplant if oyur gentle. Transplant and water well make sure you get as big of aclump of soil per plant as possible, use a garden shovel.
  14. Here are the youngins!
    This is the tiny one in the first pictures, about 13 days old.

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  15. These last two are the ones that sprouted the day i moved the first 3 plants.

    1 week old!

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  16. Ohh ya! One of those died, almost forgot. This one came up

    from the ground a week ago and hasnt really grown since, it

    looks funny too.

    I think it'll do fine, we'll see next week.

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  17. That poor bastard in the pick above died in a heavy rainstorm:the end.

    Here are my girls now.
    This pick is of the youngest 30days old. 3days after i planted her from pot to soil. I swear it more than doubled in size in those 3days!

    (30days old today not in the pic. this pic is 27days, so i know its way bigger now)

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  18. These last two are 1 3/4 months old. The dust makes them look bad on camera but its keepin those damn ants from eating it.

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  19. there are two more plants i didnt bother taking pictures of , one is the one that nearly died from getting eatn. it looks great now but its still relatively small along with another which looks really good. the soil they are in is a bit rocky and sandy
    i decided to leavm in there any ways and see what happens. they look really healthy but theyre just smaller than these others

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