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4 and 6 blade leafes

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by silverprop, Feb 27, 2010.

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    Hi ppl,
    My ww is growing bigger. Did Veg with a 125w cfl and its flowering (started yesterday) with a 250w cfl right now.
    Im a little concerned becouse of the late sprouting, slightly curvy and strange 4 and 6 blades leaves. The plant seems to be healthy but i really dont know.
    Just for info, the seeds are from greenhouseseeds co.

    I share some pics and hope u can give me some feedback.


    edit...the battery run out..i will charge it and upload the pics,srry.
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    Ok here r the pics:
    seedling starting to grow...

    ...and how she looks now....yeah, she does look strange and asimmetric...thats couse i screw up the top trimming.

    Thanks in advance for any info or advice!
  3. nowbody can help a novice grower arround here:D?

    srry for flooding, just wanna have some feedback if possible and why not help others with the answers. Am i in the wrong subforum?
  4. Hey plant looks terrific to me :) What strain is this? 4 & 6 blade leaves is just probably the genetics, keep up the great work! :smoking:
  5. I don't know how to help other than to say I've grown about half a dozen plants with even numbered leaves occasionally on them. Right now close to finishing one that had 6 and 8 blade leafs (probably 4 too, never looked), that one looks like it's going to weigh in pretty heavy so i doubt the blade count has anything to do with yield.

    When I thought about what might cause the even blades on the leaves I had, the only answer I could come up with at the time was heat stress (the first group were on the hot side, current group occasionally on the cold side). I don't know if that's a valid symptom though.

    Your pic looks quite healthy, though.
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    Oh, Im glad to hear that!

    NCDROGRO: its a WhiteWidow...strange thing couse i thought WW where mostly sativa and the leaves look very indica to my inexpert eyes.

    Postal Blowfish: nice signature u got there!!!

    Thanks for the feedback:)
  7. looks pritty good what foods are u useing.....
  8. I have grown God Bud an indica/sativa and on multiple plants I got 3,4,6,7, and even a 9 leafer!!!!!111 I dont think its a bad sign
  9. this 6 leaf thing happened to me when i topped the shit out of my mother plant. I have also found a correlation between ph and the curved leaf tips, so maybe check your ph again to make sure its around 6.7 for soil. Hope this helps
  10. SauchBoss that makes sense. I topped my baby at the 6th pair of leaves, i kinda screw up the topping and i tend to think that it was quite stressing for the plant..i dont now.
    About the earth Ph what would you recommend for testing it? I really have no clue about water ph meassuring and absolutley no clue about earth ph :p.
  11. The ph level of your water is one of the most important aspects of growing to monitor. Your plants' roots are meant to take up nutrients so you can have dank nugs, the correct ph level allows your plant to uptake as much nutrients as possible (which means best nug possible). The most inexpensive way to test pH level is to buy either litmus paper (test strips) or if you wanna go pro, buy an electronic pH gauge (they are supper accurate but cost upwards of $100)

    The litmus paper is typically a good indicator for soil because soil sort of regulates the pH to some degree. The electronic gauge is recommended for the hydroponic grower who is easily suseptable to nutrient lock.

    Your little girl looks good though, the 4 and 6 leaf thing will eventually go away. IT went away eventually on my mother.
  12. Cool, thanks for the explanation! I will do my part and check some guides, buy some strips and test de ph .
  13. Srry i didnt saw ur post. Im using CANNA products. Vega and Flora.
  14. Hey Dude. I see what your saying, and will give you some input.

    Usually at this stage in Growth, the Leaves are generally Thicker, due to Veg, and Veg = Bush.

    So, they appear more Indica, and may very well be, as the Strain has gone through so many different hands now, that it's Almost Impossible to get the Original.

    I suspect that as time continues, and 12/12 has set in, you will notice your fan leaves Stretching out, .. If not well you received a different Strain of Widow.

    She *( I Presume ) appears in great shape, And for that I would be happy.

    I still give it 2 thumbs up ... .. .. :)
  15. Hey thanks a lot for passing by and i really appreciate the input man. The plant is doing good, and makes total sense the thing about the leaves wideness.

    I couldnt avoid seeing that you write some words with CapsLock..maybe im just to high. ossi oder wessi?
  16. One of my two WW's looks just like yours. its also a little shorter and bushier than the other. I don't know why or anything like that, but her roots are healthy and she has a fuck ton of nodes.
  17. Plant looks great!! Great Job!

    Number of leaves, are genetic and how well the plant is being taken care of.

    Let's say a sick plant.. with horrible lighting and such, will produce 3-5 leaves.
    a Healthy plant will pop out 7,8,9+ fingers.

    Chances are it's genetic because you look like your doing a great job >:)
    a Plant that grows only 4 leaves genetically, will only ever get 4, a plant that can reach 9+ leaves.. will if the conditions are right.

    (TbH Looks just like my baby widows.)

  18. The leaf thing can be due to different things, mostly genetics and light. No matter what strain, more light=more blades. (Guy above me may be right, not me, but I haven't seen a strain like that yet) I recommend more lights anyways. I have 4 105w cfls surrounding my plants and as they get bigger, that wont be enough.
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    i get what ur saying.
    This is my second attempt actually. The first plant whas an unkwnown strain and she did veg and flowering with a 125w E40 CFL and yielded a respetable amount of good gras. Anyway 100 times better than anything i could get when i lived in chile so i was pretty much happy. I thought that this time with a 250w cfl and a serious strain i could do better.
    I now that they are practicaly no limits in expanding a setup becouse you can try so many things out.
    For starters i thing im doing quite allright.

    Thanks for the input fellas. I have to say, very nice people in this ganja community.
  20. Silver man .. ..

    Any new piX.. .. :eek:

    I love piX, they tell the story The whole story .. ..

    Do you know how yet, ta read leafs, For deficiencies .. .. ?

    what ya feeding them *( Nutrients ).. water your using .. ..

    I just like asking questions sometimes .. .. :)

    But piX is where she's at .. ..

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