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4 and 1\2 weeks into flowering indica

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by bowling420time, May 24, 2009.

  1. how do they look? any advice on how to cure for maximum taste and couchlock efect?
  2. they look good mate . there are soom good stickys at the top of the page with some good info on curing
  3. Lookin real good man. Well if you want couch-lock, your already half way there having a majority indica plant. to creat the couch lock effect, all you have to do is let the plant fully ripen, the earlier you cut it down the more of a headhigh it'll give you instead. Flushing, drying, and curing, are all how to make it taste as best as possible, and as smooth as possible. You'll need to start flushing 2 weeks before harvest with plain water to deprive the soil/plant of nutrients so it uses up the ones it has stored, this will make the smoke much less harsh. Most indicas are done around 8 weeks. When you harvest, you want to harvest right before the lights would come on. We do this because plants store their nutrients in the stalk during the night cycle, and you dont want the nutes in the buds, I usually even leave the plants in darkness for an extra few hours or so before cutting them. You'll dry for approximately 5 days, or until the stems snap instead of bend. Then you put them in air, tight containers so the moisture in the center of the buds evens throughout. You'll want to open these containers once or twice a day for the first two weeks, just to let fresh air in. You need to cure for at least 2 weeks, but the longer you cure the better the smoke usually. Well, there's a basic rundown of how to harvest, hope it helps.
  4. Niiice lookin colas bro...

    Yeah just be patient drying/harvesting and youll have yourself some incredible smoke...

    Good grow mayne:hello:
  5. thanks for all the info fruitloop
  6. Get a 40-100x handheld microscope from radioshack for $13. Look at trichs and wait for all for 50% to be amber and 50% milky.

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