4 albums i think you should check out...

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  1. 1 miles davis, kind of blue.
    its an awesome album, it flows like a fitzgerald novel. easily the great gatsby of albums.

    2 groundation, dub wars.
    this album is amazing. a dub masterpiece. if your toking and wanna chill, it sets the perfect atmosphere.

    3 de facto, legende du scorpion a quatre queues.
    omar rodriguez lopez, cedric bixler zavala, jeremy ward. the names should give away how good this album is. its a dub album where the mars volta's vocalist cedric zavala plays drums, and guitarist omar rodriguez lopez acompanies on bass.

    4 the redneck manifesto, RMNMN.
    a beautiful album from this irish mathrock band. the album has a perfect mix of electronic rhythm, and natural guitar sounds, and rhythmic melodies.
  2. Don't know about the last two, but major props on the Miles and Groundation, most people here would rather listen to some bullshit. I never think I'm gonna see names like that in these threads, Welcome. :wave:
  3. Dude De Facto is completly amazing. Did u know John Frusciante from RCHP used to play guitar with them? They did alota stuff in long beach. I love Mars Volta and dub/regaee so naturaly i liked this. Cant belive you have herd of them
  4. I was listening to Kind Of Blue just the other day.

    I'm gonna give Groundation a try. Dub is something I must admit I'm not too schooled on and need to change.
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    Frusciante has played guitar on every Mars Volta album barring the latest one. Omar R didn't even touch any strings while recording Amputechture, it was completely and entirely performed by JF.
  6. I'm gonna have to check these out, I've been listening to Miles Davis' In a Silent Way lately.
  7. kind of blue holds a special place where my heart should be:eek:
  8. yeah i have vids of de facto in long beach with john.

    yeah im a huge volta fan.
    i want to go to bonaroo.

    and everyone needs to listen to the redneck manifesto. its good. mathy but good.

    ill post another 4 albums next week.

  9. thinking of either buying or downloading this one. how good is it?:D
  10. I don't listen to much jazz, but I do like Charlie Parker, Wynton Marsalis, and Thelonious Monk. Im not sure if Monk is jazz tho...
  11. liquid, i personally love anything davis does.
    but i think kind of blue is one of his best.
    it has inspired so many popular albums.

    for example the song us and them by pink floyd, off of dark side of the moon, has a chord found in kind of blue. rick wright used the jazz chord to give the song a docile mellow tone, which is all of kind of blue.

    its the perfect open your window at night, light up some hash, or dank, and feel the breeze music.:smoke:

  12. It's one of the most important records of all time in any genre.

    Monk is Jazz at it's best, don't get it twisted! :D

  13. Oh, I only said that cuz Monk is on the piano. I know almost nothing about jazz but I thought that it was mainly brass instruments?
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    Piano is one of the most common instruments in Jazz from it's beginning to today. Most household Jazz names to people who don't know much about it are horn players (Miles, Coltrane, etc) but Jazz includes all instruments, not just brass (which would commonly mean trumpet and trombone in Jazz circles).

  15. Yeah, but I thought there was a seperate genre for piano. Cuz jazz is defined by the sax, and I never heard any of that in Monk's songs. Although admitidley, i have not listened to that much of his work.

  16. It's cool man, you should look into it! :D

    Jazz is also NOT defined by Sax or any instrument for that matter.

  17. Whats it definied by then? I thought what made it stand out was the emphasis on brass instruments, like what makes rock stand out is the electric guitar.

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