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  1. What's up everyone! After the 3rd week and into the 4th, it looks like things are still goin good. This grow has taught me a lot more now that it's 2 females. I already been planning on adding another grow light like the one I got, but I honestly thought I didn't need it for 2 plants as long as I had a few bright stiks on the sides. Another thing I wasn't expecting was my small plant to be a female, or for it to get as tall as it did. In just a week it stretched 8 inches like it wasn't shit!!! While it was in flowering too. I've read Sativas tend to do that and that would explain the 30% Sativa side of my lil Mango Kush lol. I also found out that Kush I thought was just Hindu Kush turned out to have a good amount of Afghan genetics. My big plant is that pure Indica I thought too was a Mango Kush phenotype. The thing is all the seeds I got from the Mango are surprisingly easily distinguishable from literally all my other seeds. I know right... shits crazy sometimes lol. I remember the seed my big plant came from and it was just a plain tanish/brown seed without any markings at all. That's how one from the Afghani/Hindu hybrid looked, the other is a lil bigger, same color w/ a few lil spots. The majority of the mango seeds are a medium brown color w/ an orange tint w/ crazy leopard print and some even got stripes too lol. That orange tint is weird right? Has anyone else got a seed w/ an orange tint? It could be a dark tan tint, and just the indoor lighting makes it look orange lol. I got like 9 seeds out that Mango Kush too. It was still dank and had a decent potency. Anyway, sorry for the long posts all the time... I get to talkin about things and get into it lol. Here's some pics of how my lil ladies are doing... well from yesterday.
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