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4.5 lbs of Vomit. I think I ate to much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by glasscollector, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Smoked a lot today, more than normal, ate a lot today, more than normal. Then about 0300 AM I felt gassy and had an upset stomach. By 0525 I used the restroom about 8 times and threw up 4.5 lbs of puke! I dont think I have the stomach flu I think I am may have just over eaten. Also I drank a lot of milk almost 1/2 gallon. Anybody else have this issue before.

  2. pics or it didnt happen
  3. Now ive had wat u had but No way i puked 4.5lbs. Yeah i smoked more then normal one day and then ate and around 7 am i woke upo with a upset stomache and didnt even get to the bathroom in time. Then i couldnt hold anything down till the next day.
  4. did u actually weigh ur vomit to get that exact decimal? lol
  5. That's fucking gross! :p
  6. I want that toilet scale you must have.
  7. #7 Smokey-eyes77, Feb 23, 2009
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    Ya Op Ive been sick like that before.

    Just don't eat alot before bed.


    EDIT:All the simple minded people in here,He probably just got on the scale the first time he got sick,weight himself up, then weight after it over with,and saw he was 4.5 pounds lighter...
  8. uh, may be slow down on the munchification.
  9. It could be the milk that did it to you. How much of it do you drink normally? If you're not a big milk person, suddenly drinking so much can really upset your stomach.
  10. geez dude when I get takeout chinese buffet ill get a pound and a half at the MOST and be stuffed lol

  11. hahahah thats what I was gunna say and if u did weigh yur puke why
  12. Maybe he always pukes his food back up so he would have a system to weigh his puke to make sure that what goes in is equal to what goes out.

    Can't be gaining weight or anything.
  13. my guess would be that its the milk. ive been a milk drinker all my life

    i usually drink a gallon every three days or so

    sometimes i'll drink two gallons in three days

    milk has crazy nutritional value. epic nutritional value!

    you can get a world class healthy thousand calories a day from milk

    unlike most stuff you drink (like say water) milk doesnt neccessarily help everyone with digestion

    you're talking about a good amount of stuff for one stomach if you drink that much milk in addition to eating that much food?

    how big are you?
    i drink a lot of milk but i'm also a big dude

    if i wasnt a big dude i'd drink less milk
    its not an easy thing to beast unless you got lots of room for it

  14. correct me if im wrong , but isnt 4.5lb like 2 kilos ?
  15. Yep. Just about. It's a liiittle bit over.

  16. Yea and I really which I would have took a pic! As soon as I was done I told my wife and she said "you really just weighed your vomit" yeaaaaa.
  17. Threw up into a small garbage can then weighed it full and empty then subtracted.
  18. We drink a lot of milk. It turns out its the stomach flu only got about 3 hours of sleep off and on it just hit me on a really bad day cause of all the eating I did when I got sick I was so full of food and liquid that it just would not stop kinda freaked me out but at the same time I am a little glad I was blazed cause it made the whole experience a little less painful.
  19. haha that is crazy/disgusting and all the more hilarious...
  20. I am so weighing my puke next time I am sick.

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