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4.5 grams of purple kush for 40 canadian

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 123mac123, May 7, 2011.

  1. Never smoked purple kush before, so it should be good!

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  2. looks great man, enjoy it. purple kush is a great high, really fucking chill and mellow you'll be really fucked up. its an indica so its mostly a body high, thats why you feel so damn good. makes you want to sleep its so dank.
  3. Purple Kush is one of the best strains I've smoked, the Indica Body high treats a man well.
  4. Great deal man
  5. Looks fucking sweet man! I wish I could pick some stuff like that up in my area. Half the dealers I know don't even know what their shit is.
  6. cool grinder man
  7. just toked some myself :)

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  8. Lil' pricey, don't you think? Where in Canada you at?

    EDIT: Looks pretty damn good though, not gonna lie.
  9. Well since you only picked up 4.5g thats really not that price at all considering it looks pretty dank, i'm sure he would of got a better deal if you picked up a larger batch though.

    Good pick up!
  10. yeah for some canadians who pay 20-25/eighth that could be pricey. I could get about the same amount (4.0-4.5g) for the same price... and i live in the States (MONTANA!)

    So i see what you mean but for dank shit like this you shouldn't complain... $40 for anything over an eighth is a deal to me. Many people in my area still pay 50/eighth... which is the regular price for a majority of America... besides those dumbass 60/eighth prices on the East Coast :rolleyes: (shit even some cali dispensaries charge 60/eighth come to think of it!)
  11. Beautiful buds bro!

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