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4 22 real sucks

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by joe123, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. ok so i took of 4/20 and 4/21 and bassicly had a chill 2 days of smoking weed and drinking........ well i went back to class today and went right to work afterwards........ so i come home and my glass sliding door is shattered but the glass hasnt fallen yet its just chillin there all crack from corner to corner............ my rug infront of my door was lifted up i guess because they were looking for a key or somethin but i called the cops put all my shit away and they came didnt do anything and said they would come back on monday................. my roomate is gona be PISSED considering he just put a new one in last month due to me pushing someone through it.

    im just going to rip my bong and eat this fire cracker and pass the hell out.....atleast this sliding door will be replaced for free.
  2. Someone tried to break into your house. It isn't your fault the door broke. I don't understand why someone would try to break it but not actually try to get in.
  3. prob through it and it made a loud noise so he booked it idk....... were getting it fixxed tomoro at like 8 so w.e.
  4. This story just straight up confuses me.
  5. What confuses you?
    Someone looked for a key under the rug, didn't find one, then tried to smash the glass door, made a huge noise and probably ran.

    To the OP, that sucks man, but at least they didn't take any of your stuff. I'm smoking my next bowl for you. :bongin:
  6. God damn crack babies
  7. They'll be back
  8. you'd have to think they'd know that them smashing glass would make a loud noise.
  9. Lol that sucks dude. Reminds me of when my house got robbed almost a year ago.

    When I was at my high school grad practice, some guys broke into my house through a glass back door window. They had packed my Xbox 360, games, parents laptops, dvd player, and random stuff in three pillowcases. Our TV was unplugged and sitting on the floor. All the rooms were completely disheveled, drawers sitting on the floor, but somehow they didn't find the $600 in a shoebox under my bed. They must have heard cops or neighbors outside and took off running, since they left everything sitting there, including a stolen car in the driveway. Only thing they got was about $40 that was sitting on my desk and my class ring. Damn lucky.
  10. dude my advice to you is to get some kind of alarm though if you leave your shit out this might be a bad idea if the cops come when your not home.


    get a small security camera and set it outside your door some place discreet (sp?) catch those fuckers in the act
  11. OR you could put it high up but out in the open, so they see it and know not to try anything :smoking:

  12. That's a good idea.....Mitch Conner
  13. 4/22 is my b day......
  14. dam my 4 22 was bomb haha, i was high from the time i got home from school till the time i went to sleep. my 420, on the toher hand, wasnt all that great, because i was only able to blaze before i fell asleep.

  15. i think he meant his glass sliding door broke cause he pushed someone through it and someone caleed the cops and he hid all his shit andtheydidododododdo anything
  16. I doubt it, considering they left such a mark and showed that they were there one time already.
  17. its all fixxed now and we are considering getting an alarm system. cops wont be able to get in my shit because i have a big 4 foot lock box that no one can get into with the code.

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