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4/21: Who else is dry!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BlueBowlin, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. The only problem with 4/20 is the day after. And its even worse that it is on a Wednesday for me. I've got no bud and no paycheck till tomorrow.

    So I will just read about everyone elses day and slap my forehead for 24 hours =D
  2. I'm never dry. :) The trick is keeping a small (1/8 or 1/4 oz) backup stash laying around.
  3. Someone else would have to keep the location of that backup stash hidden. It would go from backup to center stage the minute my other bag ran out ><

    When I have bud, I really like to smoke a lot of it. Sometimes that can come back to bite you in the ass, hehe.
  4. ^^^

    Yeah, me too. :smoking:
  5. same here... actually i have quite a bit of nuggets. lol :D
  6. i finished mine up today after school, should be picking up another qp later tonight
  7. a quarter is a small backup stash? Jesus how much do you smoke a week? A quarter is a week supplies for me, not very small.

    Plus, how long do you keep this back up stash?
  8. damn dude, my back up is little half bowls stashed around my room...a quarter is a regualr sack, it would last me like a week
  9. was dry since the 19th. well.... not really. was dry way before. just that the crap in my tub and pipe lasted that long. and it's not like what i had was anything good. hello euro kak. BLEURGH!! not really "medication" in that state.

    an emergency quarter really doesnt last very long at all. nearly every day i encounter an emergency.
    it's either weed or the pills. i choose the weed.
  10. i've been dry for quite some time now but my brother is picking me up an eighth so that should be good.

    (i don't smoke all that much so an eight should last me a little while.)

  11. HIGH All, trust me my friend I know been where your at...and I wish I could help you. The only way I can help is to see if you can grow and we can grow from there.

    Hope your happy now...I love paydays!!!!

  12. If I work Monday thru Friday, then I smoke about 1/2 oz a week. If I am on vacation like I have been the last couple weeks, then I smoke about an ounce a week. Generally, when I'm home, I smoke a fat bowl every 45 minutes or so.

    I usually buy an ounce at a time. I replace my backup stash with new shit every time I get an ounce. All I really do is keep an 1/8 or 1/4 in my safe. Once I have smoked all my other shit, I go and pick up a new ounce. And my dealer never runs out. He has a good operation. I even pay for it using my credit card sometimes. lol
  13. All you people able to grow/smoke...

    I envy all of you.

    I'm broke and dry, been that way since the end of January. :(

    It's not the end of the world, tho...

    It's not like I don't know how to grow, but I simply can't afford to buy any Blueberry seeds for a month at the least.

    When I smoke, I smoke too much to be able to afford buying it.
  14. No,I'm not dry :D

    I'm very stoned now and there on 4/20 i was having a big bowl at 4.20 pm. :)
  15. im intentionaly dry i smoked everything i had on purpose cause i gotta pass a test and i cant do it with all that"temptation" lying around.
  16. I got a joint left over from 420. Too bad we didn't get to smoke it, it's a NICE roll..had one just like it on 420 it was so fukkin smooth and was tasty! my best joint yet :D.. gonna burn it tomorrow with some friends! later
  17. here it is... got no camera, only a scanner.. lol

    Attached Files:

  18. Yay for payday =D Even though I was getting discouraged when it took me close to 2 hours to find a bag. I guess Im just having bad luck!
  19. MAN 4.20 WAS hardcore! and sooo much fun...We all bought a 1/2..Me i had an oz,but everyone else had 1/2's...But all day we blazzed,then...4.20 4.20 came around and we drove in the middle of a field..And hot boxed my truck so god damn much i couldnt even see the steering wheel..Then i started gaggin cuz it got so hot in their,and every time i breathed in my lung's just couldnt handle.

    And Now Im ALLLL outta the sticky green,but tomorrow ill be doin another run.
  20. im always dry until my pops is home.......

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